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The 7 Best Menstrual Cups for Heavy Flow (No Leaks!)

Living with a heavy flow can be… heavy. You're changing your pad or tampon every 2 hours. You're paranoid about leaks at work, dining out, or at the gym. And your nights? They're anything but relaxing or comfortable. Then there's all the extra waste a heavy flow produces.

But a menstrual cup can change your life. Even if you don't know how to use a menstrual cup yet or what a menstrual cup is, no problem. Know that the best menstrual cup for heavy flow exists. Because a menstrual cup will help you live your heavy period in a more carefree and eco-friendly way, with more freedom than you ever thought possible.   

So let's dive in to find out what is considered a heavy flow, what to look for in a period cup, and what are the best menstrual cups for heavy flows. 

Want a zero-waste and fuss-free period? For every Ruby Cup purchased, we donate another one to a person without access to safe menstrual products. Get your Ruby Cup now.


What is considered a heavy flow?

Ruby Cup_woman choosing the best menstrual cup for a heavy flow


First, let's understand what's considered a heavy flow. You may think you have a heavy flow because you change your tampon or pad every 2 to 3 hours, especially at the beginning of your cycle. But did you know that it's normal for a menstrual cycle's flow to be heavier during the first few days? So let's check some facts to put heavy flows into perspective:

But it's difficult to understand how much blood you're losing with a pad or tampon. Instead, with a menstrual cup, you'll know exactly how much blood you're losing because you'll know the cup's full capacity. And most cups come with fluid levels grooved into the cup’s silicone walls to see the amount of blood collected each time you empty your cup. 

But that same study found that heavy menstrual bleeding is more common than once thought. And it can wind up causing you fatigue and affecting your lifestyle. So if you suspect that you have a very heavy flow, consult your gynecologist or healthcare provider to rule out any underlying medical conditions. 

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Why a menstrual cup is good for a heavy flow

Apart from tracking blood loss, menstrual cups can make your period a much more pleasant experience and protect the environment. Here's how:

  • Fewer leaks: Wondering about tampon vs cup leaks? Since a menstrual cup creates a seal within your vagina, it shouldn't leak unless you're using the wrong size or the cup hasn't created a seal. New studies show cup leakage is the same or lower than tampons.
  • More freedom: You can lead an active lifestyle and run, swim, jump, and dance as much as you want. The right menstrual cup for heavy flow will stay in place.
  • Less waste, fewer worries: A period cup collects more blood than traditional period products. For example, the Ruby Cup Medium collects as much blood as 3-4 tampons. So you'll have fewer changes than sanitary pads or tampons because you can use a period cup longer before needing to empty it. 
  • Save money: Using a menstrual cup costs a fraction of what you would spend on pads and tampons.


 02_Ruby Cup_Benefits of using a menstrual cup


Heavy flow menstrual cups: What should you look for?

Now that you know how a cup could change your life, here's what to look for when choosing a menstrual cup for a heavy flow:


  • Capacity: When you choose a cup that has ample capacity, you no longer have to run to the bathroom every 2 hours. We recommend emptying your cup no later than every 8 hours, but, for heavy flows, you may want to empty your cup every 4 to 6 hours. A cup with a minimum of 30ml should give you the peace of mind you need when you start using a cup until you understand how much blood you're losing per day.


03 Ruby Cup sizing chart for the best menstrual cups for heavy flow


  • Size: A menstrual cup works by creating a seal with your vaginal wall that allows the cup to stay in place to collect your period blood. So using the wrong size is the reason your cup will leak. To know the right size cup for you, know your cervix. For a high cervix, you might need a longer cup to create suction in your vaginal canal. If your cervix is lower, you might need a shorter or smaller cup. For greater peace of mind, use our sizing guide and our cervix-measuring guide to help you choose the right size cup for you:


Ruby Cup cervix measuring guide


  • Firmness: This is probably the most subjective of all. You'll need a cup that's not too soft or too firm because it needs to sit comfortably and imperceptibly inside your vagina.

  • Refund Policy: Let's be honest. Even with this information, you may not get the right cup on the first try. Because each body is unique, you might need a cup of a different size, shape, or firmness. So, whether you have a heavy flow or not, look for a cup with a flexible return policy.    


What about wide vaginas?

We know everyone's body is one of a kind. Even if you don't have a heavy flow, you may have a wide vagina, which means you'll need a bigger sized cup to prevent leaks, create suction, and keep the cup from sliding down.

To date, there aren't enough studies to understand what makes a vagina wider than another or what the average size of a vagina is. But we know that our Ruby Cup Medium is 45 mm wide, one of the widest cups on the market that can deal with even the heaviest of flows. 


The top 6 menstrual cups that have no problem dealing with heavy flows

Since we're experts in period cups, we know what to look for and we've chosen only reusable menstrual cups because we care about the environment. So here are our picks of top cup brands with the best menstrual cups for heavy flows and wide vaginas.


1. Ruby Cup

Ruby Cup two sizes of cups with measurements

  • Capacity: 34 ml
  • Width x Height: 45 mm x 68 mm
  • Material: Medical-grade silicone
  • Life cycle: Up to 10 years
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
  • Added benefits: Buy One, Give One modelstudent discount dedicated customer service, colored or dye-free cups, trimmable stem, duo-pack option, sizing guide, educational and social impact programs.

    The Ruby Cup Medium's large size, cup width, and ample capacity are made for heavy flows and wide vaginas. All Ruby Cups are made from pliable 100% medical-grade silicone of medium firmness, making it easy to insert and remove and comfortable to wear. Choose from 5 colors, including a dye-free version. And if the stem's too long, just trim it. 

    No more worries about picking the wrong cup. Not only does Ruby Cup have a great sizing guide to help, but you'll also have a 120-day money-back guarantee to get used to your cup and see if it's the right size and fit for you. You can also contact our customer service team to troubleshoot any challenges, exchange your current cup for a different size, or get a refund. Yes, it's that easy. 

    What's more, your purchase also includes a cup donation to a person in need. With our social impact programs in 13 countries, we partner with local organizations that monitor how our donated menstrual cups are being used. This is how we can help break down barriers, stigmas, and taboos, and find solutions so every person who menstruates can experience a healthier, more sustainable period. 

    Value for money: We may be slightly biased, but with our affordable price, buy-one-give-one program, dedicated customer support, colored and dye-free cup options, trimmable stem, and a money-back guarantee, Ruby Cup Medium is great value for money. 

    2. Lena Cup

    lena cup sizes

  • Capacity: 30 ml
  • Width x Height: 45 mm x 70.4 mm
  • Material: Medical grade silicone
  • Life cycle: Unspecified 
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
  • Added benefits: Two firmness types, colored or dye-free cups, two-pack option, customer support team

  • The Lena Cup comes in two sizes. While both their small and large cups have longer heights than other cups, the Lena Cup Large holds up to 30 ml of menstrual fluid. Lena Cup Large also comes in two firmness types, regular and sensitive (the softer of the two). You can choose 4 colors in Lena Cup's regular line, while the sensitive line offers coral-colored or dye-free clear cups.

    Lena Cup doesn't specify the cup's life cycle, only that you should inspect your cup often. If you spot any surface damage or if it becomes heavily discolored, they recommend replacing your cup. They also have a 100% customer satisfaction policy for returns and exchanges.   

    Value for money: With its affordable price, the Lena Cup Large provides good value for money that includes customer support, two firmness options, a customer satisfaction policy, and a choice of colored or dye-free cups.



    3. Super Jennie Menstrual Cup

     image of Super Jennie Menstrual Cup packaging, cup, and measurements


  • Capacity: 41.61ml
  • Width x Height: 47 mm x 68 mm
  • Material: Medical-grade silicone
  • Life cycle: Not specified
  • Money-back guarantee: Not specified 
  • Added benefits: Two-pack option

    The Super Jennie Menstrual Cup, large size, provides a bigger capacity than most cups, but even their smaller size holds up to 32 ml. Since the cup is so large, its stem is also shorter than most other cups, which may not make it ideal for trimming. 

    Reviewers of the Jennie Cup find it softer than other cups. 

    Value for money: Considering it’s one of the biggest-capacity cups on the market today, the Super Jennie Menstrual Cup Large is good value for money, even though pricier than most other brands without many added benefits. But hey, it's a big cup.


    4. Pixie Cup

    pixie cup size guide


  • Capacity: 35 ml
  • Width x Height:  47.5 mm x 70.6 mm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Life cycle: 10 years
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
  • Added benefits: Buy one, give one program, free Pixie Lube sample, free pocket-sized wipes 

    As one of the most budget-friendly options, Pixie Cup Classic has an extra-large size, only in black, ideal for heavy flows and wide vaginas. It's also one of the widest and longest cups available. 

    Pixie Cup's 100% Happiness Guarantee offers either an exchange or a full refund. Your purchase also includes a buy-one-give-one program that donates a cup to a person in need. And Pixie Cup is dedicated to period education and breaking down stigmas and taboos. 

    Each purchase also includes pocket-size menstrual cup wipes and a sample of their Pixie lube for easy insertion, great for beginners. 

    Value for money: As the most budget-friendly option plus a buy-one-give-one program and a couple of freebies thrown in, Pixie Cup XL is great value for money.


    5. FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

    image of FemmyCycleMenstrual Cup sizes


  • Capacity: 30 ml
  • Width x Height: 36 mm x 63 mm
  • Material: Medical-grade silicone
  • Life cycle: Up to 10 years, but they recommend replacement every 2 years
  • Money-back guarantee: No
  • Added benefits: Unique pull-out no-spill funnel, two types of larger cups - one for low cervix, 60-day exchange policy

    With its unique design, the FemmyCycle - Regular Cup offers a large-capacity cup in a half-moon shape with a soft removal ring in transparent medical-grade silicone. There's also the FemmyCycle Low Cervix Menstrual Cup with the same 30 ml capacity, but shorter, ideal for people with, surprise, a low cervix. 

    The FemmyCycle Cup's unique design also includes a novel no-spill pull-out funnel for easy menstrual fluid emptying and a no-drip trip to the sink. And, while they don't offer a money-back guarantee, you do have 60 days to exchange your cup for another size.

    Value for money: The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Regular is good value for money with an affordable price, cool design, and a 60-day exchange policy.


    6. Diva Cup

    diva cup sizes


  • Capacity: 32 ml
  • Width vs Height: 45 mm x 67 mm
  • Material: Medical-grade silicone
  • Life cycle: Several years but they recommend replacing once per year
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
  • Added benefits: Trimmable stem, dye-free, customer support team, Diva Cares program

    The Diva Cup - Model 2 with its 32 ml capacity is made for a heavier flow. It offers a trimmable stem and transparent, dye-free silicone.

    Their 90-day money-back guarantee policy includes replacements, refunds, and working with their customer support team to help you overcome any challenges you may have with your Diva Cup. They also recommend ensuring you verify Diva Cup sellers as official before purchase to be eligible for their refund policy. 

    Diva Cup also recommends changing your cup every year, even though its medical-grade silicone will last you several years. 

    And your purchase also supports Diva Cares, an international program supporting period education and access around the world. They donate cups and partner with organizations that provide period education and help fight period poverty. 

    Value for money: Though more pricey than other brands, Diva Cup is good value for money with their 90-day guarantee policy, trimmable stem, dye-free silicone, and outreach programs.  


    7. Saalt Cup

    saalt cup size guide
  • Capacity: 30 ml 
  • Width x Height: 46 mm x 70 mm 
  • Material: Medical-grade silicone
  • Life cycle: Up to 10 years
  • Money-back guarantee: No
  • Added benefits: Duo-pack and twin pack, softer cup version, supports people in need with period care and education

    The Saalt Cup Regular is a firm silicone cup providing 30 ml capacity that comes in 3 colors. There's also the Saalt Soft Cup Regular, a softer silicone cup that holds the same capacity, also available in 3 colors.

    The Saalt Cup Regular is also one of the widest and longest of menstrual cups. You can buy a twin pack, two of the same sized cups, or a duo pack of two different sizes. 

    Although Saalt Cup doesn't have a money-back guarantee, one plus is that 2% of their revenue goes to people in need of period education and care. So your purchase will make a social impact.  

    Value for money: Saalt Cup Regular offers good value for money at an affordable price, two firmness options, and 2% of their revenue goes to period education and care to people in need.


    Take your pick of the best menstrual cup for heavy flows

    Now that you know the best menstrual cups for heavy flow, use this handy summary as a guide to picking the best menstrual cup for you. 

      1. Ruby Cup Regular: Best value overall for capacity, width, price, return policy, customer care, and social impact. 
      2. Large Lena Cup: The longest cup out of the seven reviewed plus good value for money. 
      3. Super Jennie Menstrual Cup - Large: Winner for the widest, highest, and biggest capacity cup.
      4. Pixie Cup XL: The most budget-friendly option with a social impact.
      5. FemmyCycle - Regular Menstrual Cup: Large cup with a novel design and different models for a high or low cervix.
      6. Diva Cup - Model 2: Good capacity and value with a social outreach program.
      7. Saalt Cup Regular: Longer cup with two firmness options that support those in need of period care and education.


    Here are the most common questions answered about heavier flows, beginner cup users with heavier flows, and more. 

    How much blood do you lose during your period?

    Did you know that the average menstrual flow equals 35 ml? And a heavy flow is considered as 80 ml of menstrual fluid or more per menstruation. You may think you have a heavy period because you need to change your pads and tampons often. But using a menstrual cup helps understand how much blood you're actually losing every month.

    Are menstrual cups good for heavy flow?

    Menstrual cups are good for a heavy flow because they:

    • collect blood rather than absorbing it, leaving you feeling cleaner.
    • have a lower risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome than tampons.
    • have a higher capacity than pads or tampons.
    • let you lead an active lifestyle—you can swim, dance, or do handstands with a cup.
    • let you sleep leak-free.

    What is the best menstrual cup for heavy flow?

    The best menstrual cup for a heavy flow will be wider and have a bigger capacity than most cups. For example, Ruby Cup Medium can hold up to 34 ml of menstrual fluid and is 45 mm wide. But each body is different, so use this sizing guide to choose the best cup for you.

    What is the best menstrual cup for beginners with a heavy flow?

    The best menstrual cup for beginners with a heavy flow is one that has a bigger capacity than most cups. However, since it's your first time, use a sizing guide to help you choose. When in doubt, opt for a duo pack, like Ruby Cup's, so you can experiment with two sizes. 

    Which menstrual cup holds the most fluid?

    Currently, the menstrual cups that hold the most fluid are the ones with a higher fluid capacity. When you consider that a heavy flow equals 80 ml or more of blood loss per cycle, any cup with 30 ml of capacity or more can handle heavy periods. 

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