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It’s easier than you think!
Fold & insert
The Ruby Cup is soft enough that you won’t even feel it inside.
Live your life
Work, swim, workout, run, jump, or sleep. Enjoy a fuss-free period!
Remove & clean
Remove it, rinse it with water, and use it again. It’s that simple!
Illustration of fold and insert menstrual cup
Relax, fitness and strech
Clean the menstrual cup with water
Fold & insert
The Ruby Cup is soft enough that you won’t even feel it inside.
Illustration of fold and insert menstrual cup
Live your life
Work, swim, workout, run, jump, or sleep. Enjoy a fuss-free period!
Relax, fitness and strech
Remove & clean
Remove it, rinse it with water, and use it again. It’s that simple!
Clean the menstrual cup with water

Your questions answered.

They collect your period blood inside your vagina and can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time, giving you unparalleled freedom compared with traditional period products. Ruby Cups are made of medical-grade silicone, making them soft and easy to use.

Medical Grade Silicone has an almost indefinite lifespan. If you treat your Ruby Cup well, it can last you up to 10 years.

Ruby Cups are made from 100% medical-grade premium silicone and are blissfully free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches. You can care for your body, all while knowing that the product you’re using is completely harmless.
Ruby Cups collect menstrual blood instead of absorbing it like a tampon. This means that they do not disrupt your vagina’s natural bacteria balance. The vagina is a wonderful mechanism that is self-cleansing and continually produces natural lubricants that “flush” the vagina. Tampons absorb this protective fluid and can disrupt the natural balance. Many tampons and pads also contain chemicals, perfumes and bleaches, so they can appear white and hygienic – but these additives are not healthy for your body.

You can take a small bottle of water with you to rinse the cup over the toilet. If the sink is out of reach, simply wipe the Ruby Cup clean with dry or damp tissue, and reinsert.

Yes, it is possible to combine a menstrual cup with an IUD. Just make sure you regularly check on your IUD strings and take care to pinch the walls of your cup together to release the suction, before removing it.

Your cervix acts as a barrier between the uterus and the vagina. This makes it anatomically impossible for your menstrual cup to get lost inside of you. 

Yes, anyone can use a menstrual cup! Many first-time menstrual cup users are worried that using a menstrual cup could stretch their vagina and be painful. It is understandable to be nervous. For this reason, we have compiled a guide on menstrual cups for first time users that will guide you through inserting and removing your cup without experiencing any pain. When it comes to the stretching, you do not need to worry either, Ruby Cup is a flexible menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone that will adjust to your body and will not stretch your vagina.

Premium quality and social impact since 2011.
Premium quality and social impact since 2011.
3X the capacity of a super tampon
3X the capacity of a super tampon
Leak-free suction that keeps it well-positioned
Leak-free suction that keeps it well-positioned
ISO 10993 biocompatible flexible medical-grade silicone
ISO 10993 biocompatible flexible medical-grade silicone
100% vegan and plastic free
100% vegan and plastic free
1 cup donated for every purchase
1 cup donated for every purchase
120 days money-back guarantee
120 days money-back guarantee
About us
Premium quality and social impact since 2011.
Tattoed arm holding a red Ruby menstrual cup
120-day money-back guarantee.

Use our 100% money-back guarantee to get used to your new cup.

Want a different size? We’ll exchange it for you, or refund your money with pleasure.

Voices from our community.
I was always so nervous to try a cup because I thought it would be uncomfortable and difficult to use. Honestly I’ve never had this much freedom! Having to spend less money and knowing this is an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons makes this an amazing buy. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
Love my Ruby Cup
I've been using my Ruby Cup for about 4 or 5 years now, and I am more than happy with my menstrual cup. Top quality and an awesome company behind the product. Would recommend RubyCup 100% to any menstruating person.
Best thing ever!
No more tampons, no more pads! Safe for my body and the environment. An extra cup and education for people in need. It’s a win win win situation and one of the best decisions I have ever made. Easy to use, love it for sleeping and swimming especially! I am warmly recommending it to everybody!
Cup love
I love my menstrual cup! How can I ever thank you? Every menstruating person on this planet should try to cope with it. Super comfortable to wear and so healthy for me and the environment with less garbage! I've been using mine for a few years now and should I need a new one at some point, preferably from Ruby Cup again, so I can donate a cup at the same time.
Life changing!
I bought my Ruby Cup just over a year ago and I can't go back. A couple of months to adjust to the different application method, and all I needed was a couple of pairs of period underwear as backup and for the lightest days and I'll never need any other sanitary products ever again! Comfortable, low maintenance, easy to use, environmentally friendly, budget friendly, and I always forget it's there - do it, make the switch to the Cup!! :-)
Here's how you contribute.
Step 1
You buy a cup and we match it with another cup to be donated to one of our locally-based partners.
Step 2
Our partners receive a shipment of cups for their needs. We ship donations in batches to reduce carbon emissions.
Step 3
Our partners distribute the cups with an educational workshop. We have produced a detailed menstrual health and cup training toolkit.
Step 4
Supportive follow-ups and ongoing evaluation are carried out after 6-8 weeks and 6 months, to help with doubts and questions.
Step 5
Partners must produce a report after 6-12 months with learnings and uptake rates. Successful programs have an average uptake rate of 80%.
Supporting frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic
When the pandemic hit us, we started donating to the frontline personnel working hard and long hours to keep the rest of use safe - more than 1000 Ruby Cups have been donated in both Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
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