Buy One, Give One
How We Give

Each time you make a purchase, we donate a Ruby Cup to a girl or woman without access to period products.

Ruby Cup is made up of our global community and thanks to you...
We have donated more than
100,000 cups around the world!

Breaking Taboos, Building Confidence

In many countries, periods are still considered an off-limits, taboo topic. This means that many young girls start their periods without knowing what’s happening to their bodies or who to speak with about it.

Where does your donation go?

When you buy one and give one, you’re giving much more than just a cup. You’re giving women and girls access to educational workshops and mentorship, where they will learn about menstrual care and reproductive health, and how to use their new cup.

Sustained Support

From the People to the People

For us, it’s not enough to just donate products. To help people feel empowered and manage their menstruation safely, it’s also paramount to offer education and ongoing support.

To this end, we work closely with our partners to provide follow-up visits, peer mentorship, and the Ruby Cup champions programme, all of which help provide support to our girls whilst they are learning how to use the cup.

Partner of the month:

Period Poverty is a human's rights issue and a global issue, which is why we are exited to share the wonderful work of our partner, Golden Girls, that tackles period poverty in Kenya.

Golden Girls is a non-governmental organization formed in 2010 aimed at empowering girls and women by linking them to opportunities that enhance their chances of success in creating socioeconomically and environmentally conscious families for a better society.

Where We Give

Ruby Cup’s Buy One, Give One mission began in 2012, by giving menstrual cups to schoolgirls in East Africa. Less than a decade later, Ruby Cup users from all over the world have donated over 100,000 cups in 13 different countries through their purchase.

There’s No Impact Without Accountability

With the help of our partners, we have created a comprehensive curriculum, trainers’ handbook, and other teaching resources to enhance the success of our distribution and education programs.

Our partners report that, 6 months after receiving a Ruby Cup, between 80% and 96% of the recipients are using their cup.

Frontline Covid Health Workers Receive Free Ruby Cups

More than 850 Ruby Cups have been distributed to frontline health workers across Europe and Kenya to allow them to live their periods with dignity whilst they work long shifts in difficult conditions due to the global pandemic. 

Adapting Our Buy One, Give One Model to The Global Pandemic


Me and My Cup: A Toolkit For Happy Periods

At Ruby Cup, we’ve made responsible giving a central part of our company philosophy since day one. Not only do we donate a menstrual cup for every cup purchased, but we also ensure that every single recipient also has the opportunity to take part in educational workshops and mentorship programmes. Program participants learn how to use their new cup, and are also given information about menstrual care and reproductive health.

To ensure that our workshops and education programs are impactful, we work with local partners in every area where we donate. 

Safe and Dignified Periods for Refugee Girls in Uganda with Ruby Cup

We're so happy to share the following update with you because a big part of making this project happen was your Ruby Cup purchase and donation. 

For the past months, WoMena and CARE (relief) have been collaborating on a menstrual cup pilot project in Imvepi Refugee Settlement in Uganda.

The goal was to improve the ability of female participants to safely manage their menstruation with a Ruby Cup and to improve knowledge and perceptions around menstruation in the community.

Changing deeply-rooted perceptions about periods takes time and necessarily involves knowledge-sharing in order to provide comprehensive sexual and health education not only to those individuals that menstruate, but to the entire community. Only when communities can fully grasp what it means to have a period and how to manage it, will we see the normalization of menstruation, the dissolution of menstrual taboos, and true progress in women’s health and wellness.

If you’d like to become part of the Ruby Cup revolution, make the switch to a menstrual cup and Buy One, Give One now!
What is our impact?

Our impact is widespread. Our impact is widespread. Our impact is widespread.

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Each time you make a purchase, we donate a Ruby Cup to a girl or woman without access to period products.

What is our impact?

Our impact is widespread. Our impact is widespread. Our impact is widespread.