Buy One, Give One. Change someone’s life.

Remember your very first period?

Chances are you felt a little scared and embarrassed, even though you knew what was happening.

Now imagine what that experience would’ve been like if you didn’t know what to expect. If no one had ever told you what happens when you get your period.

Social taboos and lack of sexual health education in some developing countries means that this is something millions of young girls are experiencing right now.

There are countless girls and women who still don’t have access to safe, effective menstrual products. Instead, they resort to using rags, paper and other unsafe materials.
But you can help change that.

Giving girls access to a product that helps them have 10 years of worry-free, safe periods as well as the information they need to make healthy decisions for their bodies is an important stepping stone to a brighter future.

Each Ruby Cup donation comes with an educational workshop on reproductive health, includes a thorough introduction on how to use a Ruby Cup by trainers who use one themselves, and gives the girls access to a support network to make sure they get the help they might need once they start using their Ruby Cup.

It makes all the difference, and it starts with you. Read here how we make sure the donated Ruby Cup makes a real difference for the girl who receives one.

When you buy a Ruby Cup, a second cup is shipped to our team of trainers and partners in one of our programme countries around the world.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy online, offline, with us or with a Ruby Cup stockist, the Buy One, Give One promise will always be honoured.

We have been working with local organisation since 2012 to help girls get sound education about their bodies and a Ruby Cup to help them manage their period in safety, privacy and with dignity.

The Ruby Cup trainers and partners help teach girls and women about menstrual care and reproductive health. They demonstrate how to use the cups and are on hand to give support.

Your gift is much more than just a cup. It’s a future of possibilities.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy online, offline, with us or with a Ruby Cup stockist, the Buy One, Give One promise will always be honoured.

Ruby Cup started out in 2012, giving cups to schoolgirls in East Africa. A few years down the line and we’re proud to say that the Buy One, Give One programme now reaches 11 countries around the world.


Champions of Menstruation

Together with our partners, trainers and customers, we’ve been able to help 24,000 women and girls become Champions of Menstruation.

At Ruby Cup we believe that knowledge is power. And for girls to get access to sound information and a tool to help them manage their menstruation helps eliminate at least one of the obstacles girls living in informal settlements face. Help them thrive in their community and live a life where periods don’t hold them back!

Our partners report back that 80-96% of girls who have received a Ruby Cup will continue to use it. Some of them even share what it means to them with thank you notes to our Ruby Cup Trainers.

If you’d like to become part of the Ruby Cup revolution, make the change to menstrual cups and Buy One, Give One now.

At Ruby Cup we value accountability and transparency. That’s why in our annual impact reports we share yearly summaries of the social and environmental impact you helped create.

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