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Ruby Cup

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Es ist einfacher als du denkst!
1. Falten & Einführen
1. Falten & Einführen

Der Ruby Cup ist so weich,

dass man es im Inneren nicht einmal spürt.

2. Lebe dein Leben!
2. Lebe dein Leben!

Arbeite, schwimme, trainiere, laufe, springe, schlafe…

Erlebe die Periode ohne Komplikationen!

3. Entfernen & Reinigen
3. Entfernen & Reinigen

Entferne sie, spüle sie mit Wasser ab

und beginne erneut. So einfach ist das!

How Can I Clean My Cup In Public Bathrooms?

You can take a small bottle of water with you to rinse the cup over the toilet.

If the sink is out of reach, simply wipe the Ruby Cup clean with dry or damp tissue, and reinsert.


Can I Use a Cup With an IUD?

Yes, it is possible to combine a menstrual cup with an IUD. Just make sure you regularly check on your IUD strings and take care to pinch the walls of your cup together to release the suction, before removing it.


Can a Cup Get Lost Inside Me?

Your cervix acts as a barrier between the uterus and the vagina. This makes it anatomically impossible for your menstrual cup to get lost inside of you. 


Can Virgins Use Menstrual Cups?

Yes. You only lose your virginity if you have sex. Many first-time menstrual cup users are worried that using a menstrual cup could stretch their vagina. Rest assured, it will not. Vaginas are a pretty awesome, flexible and stretchy organ.


Why Is My Menstrual Cup Leaking?

Menstrual cups can take a little getting used to. And, rather than there being a problem with your actual cup, we know it’s likely that any leaks you’re experiencing will be due to one of five very common and easily solved reasons.  


How do Menstrual Cups Work?

They collect your period blood inside your vagina and can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time, giving you unparalleled freedom compared with traditional period products.

Ruby Cups are made of medical-grade silicone, making them soft and easy to use.


Natürlich, komfortabel

Nach nur sechs Monaten Tampon-Verzicht hast du die Kosten für einen Ruby Cup wieder drin! Und er kann dir bis zu 10 Jahre dauern!


4 Ruby Cups entsprechen 12.000 Einweg-Menstruationsprodukten, die du während deines gesamten Lebens verwenden wirst.


Keine Tierversuche, keine tierischen Zusatzstoffe. Wir sind umweltfreundlich und stolz darauf. Ruby Cup ist zudem bei der “Vegan Society” registriert.


Ein Ruby Cup hat die dreifache Kapazität von einem Super-Tampon.

120 Tage Geld-zurück-Garantie

Du möchtest einen Ruby Cup probieren, bist dir aber nicht sicher, ob er für dich funktioniert?

Keine Sorge, wir haben die Lösung!

Unsere 100% Geld-zurück-Garantie gibt dir eine Menge Zeit, dich an die Verwendung deiner neuen Menstruationstasse zu gewöhnen. Solltest du deinen Ruby Cup doch nicht mögen oder eine andere Größe brauchen, dann ist das kein Problem! Du hast 120 Tage lang Anspruch auf Rückzahlung oder Änderung der Größe – wir stellen dir auch keine Fragen dazu.

*Nur gültig für die Ruby Cups, keine anderen Produkte sind in dieser Garantie enthalten - Versandkosten ausgeschlossen

Was andere sagen
Best thing ever!

No more tampons, no more pads! Safe for my body and the environment. An extra cup and education for people in need. It’s a win win win situation and one of the best decisions I have ever made. Easy to use, love it for sleeping and swimming especially! I am warmly recommending it to everybody!

Wouldn’t miss it

I bought the ruby cup 3 years ago and haven’t used anything else ever since! Handling is easy once you got the hang of it (after 3-4 days) and I absolutely love it! I usually only have to change it twice a day and love the comfort of not having to worry about me period any more. Cramps have also gone down. Big thumbs up, I keep telling everyone about it whenever I can.

Life changing

Few things are truly life-changing, but this is one of them. Not only does Ruby Cup’s business model allow you to empower other women and not just yourself, but their products are amazing. It took me a few days to get 100% used to the cup as I have always used tampons, but there is no going back. I have total freedom to do what I want when I am on my period, with no worries about leaks or strings showing when I swim. This product is incredible. RubyCup for life!

No Regrets!

So I was slightly apprehensive this wouldn’t be the right menstrual cup for me, but from an ethical point of view I really appreciate what Ruby do and so I thought I’d give it a try and I have NO regrets. Being in my thirties and having given birth to three babies I wasn’t sure the fit would be right but it’s great. It took no time at all to get used to popping it in and out and considering it looks quite big, I genuinely can’t feel it. So glad I bought one and will definitely continue using it.

First Time User

This cup has honestly changed my life. This little cup is my first time using a menstrual cup. I had been on the fence for so long. A girlfriend of mine recommended this company, the ethics and quality of the products were a definite selling point for me. All I should say is - if you are wanting to make the jump, Ruby cups is the best in the business.

A truly wonderful cup

I loved it! It’s a great quality cup, very easy to insert and open and it stays in place all day. Both sizes felt very comfortable in my body. The bigger sized cup was able to hold my flow even on my heaviest day, which not all cups can do! Overall, I am very impressed and happy with it!

Wie wir geben

Du kaufst deinen
Ruby Cup,
der immer eine
Spende beinhaltet


Deine Spende
wird an einen
unserer NGO-Partner gesendet


Unsere Partner liefern Workshops zur Menstruationsgesundheit und verteilen die Menstruationstassen


Es folgen verschiedene Follow-up-Sitzungen und laufende Unterstützung


Nach 6 und 12 Monaten messen wir die Nutzernutzungsrate, um sie weiter zu verbessern

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More Than 10 Years of Experience
3x the Capacity
of a super tampon
Soft and Flexible
enough to fold easily for insertion
Easy Removal
firm stem and extra grip
Leak free
firm rim that ensures it pops open
100% Medical-grade silicone
ISO 10993 biocompatible'
120 Days Guarantee
to get a refund or change size
Money Saving
save up to 10 years of disposable product
All Ruby Cups are free of animal testing