Which menstrual cup size is right for me?

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Choosing the right menstrual cup size can be tricky. Until you know what to look for. Our guide on how to choose the right menstrual cup size will help you define the correct menstrual cup size in two simple steps.

The first thing you should know is that we don’t recommend to choose your menstrual cup based on whether you have had sex, given birth, or your age.

Each body is anatomically unique, which means these are not very reliable factors.

The two key factors to look out for when choosing the right cup size are:

  • Position of your cervix
  • Heaviness of your menstrual flow

Have a look at this chart to see which is the right size for you:

guide chart choose right menstrual cup size

No idea whether your cervix is high or low?

No problem. Follow these easy steps and you will know that in the blink of an eye. We recommend to measure your cervix when you're on your period, as that's the time when you'll wear your cup.

How to measure your cervix:

1- Wash your hands thoroughly

2- Squat on the ground, or lift one leg up onto the toilet seat or side of the tub

3- Insert your longest finger into your vagina

4- Feel for a round, raised circle with a dimple in the middle. It should feel like the tip of your nose and it’s most likely to be at the top of the front vaginal wall (closer to your belly button than to your back)

Do you have a high cervix or low cervix?

If you can insert your longest finger almost all the way up before touching it or you can’t touch anything at all, you have a high cervix.

If you can insert your longest finger until around the middle knuckle, then you have an average to low cervix.

how to measure cervix for menstrual cup

Ruby Cup Small or Ruby Cup Medium? That is the question

Luckily, once you know the heaviness of your flow and the position of your cervix, it’s very easy to solve this Hamletic doubt.

Extra tip: our 120-day money-back guarantee will take the pressure off the decision. Try the Ruby Cup size following the guide and should it not fit, you can easily change the size or get a refund.

Cervix position

If you have a low cervix, we recommend the Ruby Cup Small or a Ruby Cup Medium with a trimmed stem.

If you have a high cervix, we recommend the Ruby Cup Medium.

Menstrual flow

If you have a light to medium flow, we recommend the Ruby Cup Small.

If you have a medium to heavy flow, we recommend the Ruby Cup Medium.

Light flow and high cervix?

We recommend the Ruby Cup Medium for ultimate comfort.

Heavy flow and low cervix? Both cups work for you:

-The Ruby Cup Small would need to be emptied more frequently

-The Ruby Cup Medium holds more blood, but you probably have to cut the stem for comfort.

These are the measurements of Ruby Cup:

Ruby cup menstrual cup measurements and capacity

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