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You may be wondering how to handle Ruby Cup in the public restroom? Or how it should work when camping or traveling? Do not worry, it's easy . Ruby Cup is the best solution for active women. You can do everything without any restrictions and go anywhere. Without a lot of tampon luggage on his back.

In a public toilet

Ruby Cup can hold a lot more fluid than pads or tampons, so you can wear your Ruby Cup for up to 12 hours. Often you do not have to Ruby Cup in public areas. If it does, it's easy. Here are some tips.

Tips to empty Ruby Cup on the public toilet:

Whether you're at work, sweating in the gym, or sipping cocktails with friends - you can drain Ruby Cup easily and hygienically in any public restroom on the go.

Ruby Cup can be wiped clean with toilet paper after emptying. Some women just take a small bottle of drinking water and then rinse off their ruby ​​cup over the toilet.

Toilet paper is not unhygienic and has not been bleached with chemicals and chlorine. So you can clean Ruby Cup on the go and reintroduce it without hesitation.

Ruby Cup on the way in nature

Whether hiking in the forest or camping in the wild - Ruby Cup is the best solution for these activities. He is hygienic, comfortable and discreet. Your cup also has three times as much fluid as tampons or pads, which means you often have to "change" many times, or in the case of Ruby Cups, empty. In addition, Ruby Cup is reusable and you save a lot of tampon and pad space in your backpack and on course garbage on campsites and in nature.

Tips on how to get rid of your Ruby Cup in nature:

It's important to have some water with you, so you can clean your hands before you take the cup out and empty it. Look for a quiet spot, then wash your cup with water or use a handkerchief. Then simply reintroduce, clean hands with water and continue on the big journey.

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