Periods And The Hair Down There

Periods And The Hair Down There

From full bush to the latest Everything Must Go hype within the last decade ā€“ beauty standards about pubic hair are constantly changing, especially for women.

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Pubic Hair During Periods

So what does that have to do with periods? Some folks say being shaved makes them feel cleaner or even sexier while on their period. Does practising pubic hair removal mean that you have better period hygiene? Not exactly.

There are many different opinions about this and the pros and cons can differ depending on which period product you use. For example, when using pads, you might find it annoying when hair gets stuck to the pad or starts clotting with the period blood. But others might not want to give up pubic hair because of this. Itā€™s a very subjective matter. Your vulva, your pubic hair. You decide.

Avoid scented feminine products to prevent yeast infections and other problems. Also, if youā€™re tired of getting annoying rashes from pads or sick of taking out dry tampons, try using a menstrual cup.Ā Most menstrual cups are made out of medical grade silicone and are free from plastics, latex, toxins and bleaches.

Also, be wise with the choice of your panties. Try to avoid synthetic material and go for organic cotton.

No matter which pubic hair style you go for, make sure to regularly wash your vulva, especially during your period. This helps decrease the chance of infection and odors.

IsĀ it really that much better to shave it all off?

The hair on our bodies is actually a good thing. Hair acts as a barrier against foreign bacteria from entering our bodies and also as a barrier between the skin-to-skin contacts during sex, which could potentially cause a rash. Ā Here are some useful tips about managing your hair down there whether you choose to keep all of it, a little bit of it, or none of it.

The Ins and Outs of Pubic Hair Removal

There are just about 100 different ways to remove body hair- some less painful than others- some cheaper than others. Ā The most common ways to remove pubic hair include trimming and shaving which is nice because it can be done at home and you can control the way you want it to look.

Waxing is another type of hair removal and it should always be professionally done. You should avoid same day sex as well since the friction on a freshly waxed surface will irritate and/or burn the skin.

Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal method that should be also be done at a hair removal center.Ā Avoid using lotions with strong fragrances post shave or wax. The skin is very sensitive right after and can get irritated with strong scented moisturizers, especially with the skin around the bikini line.

Ingrown Hair Removal ā€“ Doā€™s & Dontā€™s

Ingrown Hair is a very common problem when it comes to hair removal anywhere on the body. A quick DIY brown sugar scrub works magic for this it will exfoliate the skin while helping with those irritating ingrown hairs.

Simply mix brown sugar and coconut oil and gently rub it in the skin after shaving or waxing for the next couple of days while in the shower.Ā If you still struggle with ingrown hair, do not, do not, DO NOT pick at them. This could leave scarring or lead to infection.

Wash the area of the ingrown hair with antibacterial soap or acne medication daily. Only when you notice that the hair is rising to the surface of the pore, carefully remove it with sterile tweezers. It is best to not shave or wax during this time to prevent it from getting worse.

Ultimately it is your decision when it comes to your own pubic hair. It is your body and loving your vagina comes with loving your pubic hair too, whether you decide that you want it there or not.

Hair Free or Not ā€“ Things to Keep in Mind

When society repulses at pubic hair they are proportionately repulsing at vaginas and, again, making us feel that our vaginas are something to be embarrassed of.

The truth is no matter what type of pubic hairstyle you feel most comfortable with; there are no rights and wrongs- only preferences. Also, if pubic hair is truly a health concern, shouldnā€™t it be a concern for everyone, including men? Letā€™s face it, Ā pubic hair trends will come and go, so do what you feel most comfortable with.

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