Travelling The World With A Menstrual Cup - Tips & Tricks

Travelling The World With A Menstrual Cup - Tips & Tricks

From running a marathon with your Ruby Cup to making a presentation about our social business model for a university class. We love the stories you share with us on how having a Ruby Cup has impacted your life for the better and that of another person living in low-income settings.

Most importantly, because there would be no us without you.

Here’s Elena’s story. She’s best known as “the girl and her period going on adventures”. Elena has, so far, travelled six countries with her cup and based on her experience, she shares handy tips and tricks on managing your period on the go while discovering a brand new place on her blog.

Enjoy this interview and if you too have a story to share, reach out to us.

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Elena, you’ve been travelling for a long time. How has using a Ruby Cup made exploring a new place easier for you?

"I travel quite a bit so this issue feels particularly relevant.

Something I always found frustrating when travelling on my period was the lack of garbage disposal in the bathroom itself. Not wanting to flush my tampons or pads down the toilet always meant awkwardly shuffling out of the bathroom with a hidden bloody tampon on a desperate hunt for a trash can.

Although access to clean running water to clean the period cup is not always the easiest, I have found the process much smoother overall than with disposable items. There is always either toilet paper to clean it out, or a source of water to properly clean it."

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"A lot of my travels are in the outdoors, camping or hiking. Having my Ruby Cup has been an absolute lifesaver! Not having to carry around blood-covered tampons and pads for an entire trip is so nice. Simply squat, empty out the menstrual cup, rinse your cup with some boiled water, and reinsert. Safe and practical!"

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What do you love most about your Ruby Cup?

"I have the medium size in Red which is the perfect colour and shape combo for me. I honestly forget it’s even inside me, and it allows me to go about my day without ever worrying I’m going to leak or feel uncomfortable.

I lead a very active lifestyle so the last thing I need is to be constantly stressed about my menstrual cup leaking or be in any way physically hindered in my activity/sport."

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How many countries have you travelled to with your cup?

"So far I’ve travelled to six different countries with my period cup: Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Canada, France and now Germany! What a worldly Cup!"

Indeed! We love your blogs' tagline "A girl and her period going on adventures". Tell us why you started your blog.

"As a female traveller and outdoor adventure lover, I always have so many unanswered questions when it comes to getting my period while camping or in various countries across the world. Will tampons be available? What’s the cost? What are the cultural reservations regarding menstruation?

From these questions came the idea of this blog, to create a space for my ramblings, diary snippets, but also documenting my experiences travelling with my period, in the outdoors and the city.

I am just one person though, with one lived experience, which is why I want to make this space collaborative, sharing other menstruators’ stories and thoughts, creating an honest and needed discussion."

Where are you and your Ruby Cup heading to next and how can people follow your adventures?

"About two months ago I made the difficult but necessary decision to not take any more flights for the remainder of 2020 and focus on exploring my new home and region. I’ve just moved to Berlin from Montreal (Canada) where I’ve been living for the past five years, so I’m in a completely foreign and exciting place.

I want to focus on discovering Germany and Eastern Europe by train and bicycle so stay tuned for my slow travel adventures! Follow me on Instagram! "

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Be sure to follow Elena on Instagram at @woodfromthewoods and stay up to date on her adventures and period tips!

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