5 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands to Shop in Summer

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters?

Sustainable fashion is a healthy and strong alternative to conventional fast fashion, since it combines environmental care, respect for the human rights of textile workers, and health protection as it is made with natural materials free of toxic components.

More and more citizens are becoming awareĀ Ā of the need to acquire habits that, multiplied through sustainable networks, have a direct positive effect on the stability of the planet.

Sustainable fashion has been talked about as one of the most innovative alternatives, especially if we take into account the great impact of the textile industry on the environment and on the societies of the countries where most of the garments we purchase are produced.


In fact, sustainable fashion is a new way of understanding the textile business and of making it compatible with the conservation of the environment, the care of the surroundings, social justice and the reduction of poverty in the world.

In short, it is a way to support responsible and sustainable consumption.

When we acquire a product from the textile industry, we are actually not only benefiting from its use, but we are also supporting the set of practices necessary for its design, production and sale.


Summer has arrived!

We want to share 5 fashion brands with you that are taking steps to minimise the industry's carbon footprint and implementing ethical practices too.

5 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands to Shop for the Summer


Ethical surf & Sustainable Swimwear

Founded in 2013 by Mareen Burk, a passionate surfer and former art director with a vision to create eco-friendly, high-quality swimwear.

MYMARINI is a sustainable swimwear brand that believes in having a positive impact on our planet and its inhabitants. Their business is all about family, people and the environment.
They prove that design and sustainability go together.


All swimsuit designs are mostly reversible, and they use the highest quality fabrics to ensure that MYMARINI clothes stay beautiful for many years to come
To reduce their environmental impact, they use the regenerated nylon yarn ECONYLĀ®. Not only is it produced with 100% nylon waste (pre- and post consumer), but compared to virgin nylon, ECONYLĀ® reduces the global warming impact up to 90%. It also tackles the problem of ghost fishing by collecting lost or abandoned fishing nets for nylon regeneration.

In 2020 they used 5.14 tons of ECONYLĀ® yarn and therefore

saved 35.98 barrels of crude oil
avoided 29.35 tons of CO2 emission
recovered 8.12 tons of pre- and post consumer waste


If youā€™re on your period, a menstrual cup is the most sustainable choice and the perfect match for swimming as it holdsĀ 3 times what a tampon can hold.
You'll have peace of mind knowing that whether youā€™re at the beach, swimming pool or in the caribbean, you don't need to pack disposable pads or worry about buying them at your destination, you can just bring a single menstrual cup.




Avoid more disposables being trashed in landfills by managing your period sustainably.
Curious to know how much plastic waste is created from using disposable period products or how much money you could save from making the switch?
Learn more


2. Folc

Sustainable Eyewear
Folc eyewear is an independent design-focused eyewear brand based in Barcelona, specialised in creating contemporary eyewear collections with a distinct style and personality. They develop small, solid and curated collections each year, released in small productions, avoiding as much as possible to create excess stock and material waste. For this reason, they purchase all the materials and lenses directly from suppliers themselves to have control of the origin of the materials and to minimize the amount of waste.


3. PARDOHats

Sustainable Hats
PARDOhats is the laboratory project of designer Sol Pardo.
They create unique headwear pieces with natural and raw materials such as raffia, jute, and grass to mention a few.

Slow fashion defines their philosophy and they are committed to educating the customer on how to avoid impulse purchases. For the creation of each accessory, an average of 10 to 50 hours of work is invested, and the customer can witness the whole process.

They hold practically no stock with their production-to-order model and that benefits both the planet and the customer.

ethical hats brand

4. EcoAlf SandalsĀ 

Sustainable sneakers and flip flops

This is a project for the future of our society and all humans, with social, economic and environmental pillars at its heart.
Ecoalfā€™s flip flops are one of a kind. A totally innovative process in which no external material other than that from the recycled tires is added.

ā€œAll our actions should be under constant evaluation and all our decisions have to be made with the goal of causing the least harm possible to the planet and local communitiesā€- Javier Goyeneche President, Founder


5. Anaskela Towels

Sustainable Travel Towel
Each towelā€™s unique textile composition is done with fibres made from recycled PET bottles. Think about it: each Anaskela towel removes plastic bottles from a landfill or the ocean and re-purposes them into your towel. Anaskela towels are soft, absorbent, quick-drying, sand-free, and quite simply, the ultimate travel accessory.


Sustainable consumption habits contribute not only to promoting the economy of the creation areas and the survival of small producers, but also to preserving their natural and cultural heritage.

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