Wear white jeans and skirts on your period with Ruby Cup

How To Wear White On Your Period With A Menstrual Cup

Leak-free is only a fair requirement to expect from our menstrual products. Some products are better at accommodating this wish than others, and no product is safe when used beyond its full capacity. At Ruby Cup, we get these questions a lot: Is a menstrual cup leak-free? Can I wear white when Iā€™m on my period without worrying that Iā€™ll experience menstrual blood leaks?

We hear you, you should be able to wear white on any day you please - your period should not hold you back. Especially now in the hot summertime white jeans shorts, bikini bottoms, dresses, skirts and much more are amazing. The white color does not absorb as much sun and heat as darker colors (especially black) which is why itā€™s an ideal color in your summer wardrobe. Another plus is that white is also one of the best colors at highlighting your tan if youā€™re lucky enough to have one.

A disclaimer here, just to make things very clear: We think periods should be talked about. There is nothing embarrassing about being on your period, and there is nothing embarrassing about other people knowing that you are on your period. We are all about breaking free from period stigma.

Therefore: If you want to avoid period blood leaks for your own comfort, all good. If you want to avoid leaks, because you feel that society wants you to hide away your period - then remember that itā€™s society thatā€™s wrong here. Menstruation is a natural bodily function, and menstrual health and dignified periods is definitely something we should be talking openly about.

Menstrual cup with money back guarantee

A menstrual cup is leak-free when you have the right cup and the right technique

Note that, when used beyond their full capacity, all period products can leak.

When pads (whether single-use or reusable) have absorbed all the fluid they can contain, they overfill, letting the excess period blood run off of the pad. And tampons start dripping through. Menstrual cups have a big advantage in this sense as they have a higher capacity than other traditional period products, which means that youā€™ll have to empty your menstrual cup less often than you are used to changing pads or tampons.

You can wear your menstrual cup for up to 8 hours at a time, and our Ruby Cups collect about 3x more fluid than tampons and pads. Our Ruby Cup Small has a capacity of 24 ml which corresponds to 2-3 regular tampons, and our Ruby Cup Medium has a capacity of 34 ml corresponding to 3-4 regular tampons.

How to wear white on your period with no leaks

For your menstrual cup to be leak-free at all times (except when overfull), itā€™s important that you choose the cup that fits your body and your flow. Jump directly to our size quiz or our full blog post on choosing the ideal size for you to learn more. Ruby Cup should work for you - we want it to be your ideal period product. Thatā€™s why we offer a 120-day money back guarantee on all Ruby Cups. Whether you exchange your cup for a different size or return your cup, we're here for you.

Furthermore, you need the right technique when inserting your menstrual cup in order to make sure it is leak-free. You need to make sure that it unfolds completely inside of your vagina, and that a seal is created between the cup and your vagina so that you can move around freely without the period cup moving out of position.

And when we say move around freely, we mean it. You can swim, do sports of all kinds, lie down, sit, run, walk around, do yoga etc. Any physical activity you have the energy to do - go ahead (note: take out the cup during penetrative sex).Ā 

Check our article on menstrual cup leaks - then youā€™ll know all the pitfalls to steer away from when aiming for a completely leak-free period with your menstrual cup. Itā€™s totally possible!Ā 

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Ruby Cup comes in two different sizes for different flows

Leak risk is not the only factor to look for in a period product: Your health matters too

White is in fashion every summer, and a color many like to wear all year round. But menstrual blood leaks are annoying and unnecessary no matter what clothes you are wearing. And then there are pad wings and tampon strings that are especially annoying when you are enjoying time on the beach in a bikini bottom.Ā 

But no strings, no wings and no leaks are not the only benefits of period cups. An oftentimes underrated factor that we at Ruby Cup believe to be extremely important when deciding on the best period product for you, is your health.

Your mucous membranes inside of your vagina are made of very delicate tissue that you should care for the best you can. Traditional disposable period products contain harmful chemicals such as dioxins, bleach and plastic, and to put it lightly, these substances are not promoting your vaginal health. Read more in our article: Should you worry about the side-effects of tampons?Ā 

The Ruby Cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone which is a body-safe material that does not interact with your vaginal flora. It is completely free from plastic, bleach, dioxins and any other toxin you could think of.

Choosing a menstrual cup is not only better for your own health - it is also better for the health state of Earth, because it prevents a lot of plastic and toxins from ending up in nature, landfills and the world oceans. A menstrual cup is the menstrual product of all that has the lowest environmental impact. Read our walk-through of 10 menstrual cup benefits thatā€™ll make you want to switch, if you are still not sure whether a menstrual cup is the right choice for you.

Happy leak-free periods to all.

When you buy a Ruby Cup you also make a menstrual cup donation to someone else

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