Best menstrual cup for beginners in 2022

The 7 Best Menstrual Cups for Beginners in 2023

Reusable menstrual cups are safer, cheaper, and more eco-friendly than traditional period products like tampons and panty liners. But there’s a learning curve and 10-45% of women find it tricky to use one.[1] 

So if you’re a beginner, it’s important to choose the right cup for you.   

We’ve been teaching people how to use our menstrual cups for over 10 years, including in places where they face significant practical and cultural barriers. So we’re experts at smoothing the transition from disposable period products to reusable menstrual cups. 

We looked at dozens of cups to select the 7 best menstrual cups for beginners. We’ll walk you through what a menstrual cup is, how it can benefit you, and how to choose the right one. 

Looking for a high-impact, beginner-friendly menstrual cup? Ruby Cup is the #1 choice for first time menstrual cup users and the world’s leading menstrual cup donor. For every cup you buy, we give one to someone without access to safe menstrual products. Get your Ruby Cup now.


The benefits of menstrual cups 

Once you get used to it, a menstrual cup is more comfortable than traditional period products and you’ll barely notice it’s there. It’s also more convenient for activities like sports or swimming. 

Menstrual cups hold more period blood than period products, so you go longer without changing them. Many users say they feel happier, freer, fresher, and more confident, without the odor and bulkiness of tampons or panty liners. 

One happy Ruby Cup customer affirms using a menstrual cup makes her feel “like all those people in tampon ads who look like they’re about to conquer the universe.”

Menstrual cups are made from hypoallergenic 100% medical-grade silicone. They don’t absorb other fluids in your vagina or alter its natural pH, there’s less risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) compared with tampons. Some people also report fewer cramps while using a menstrual cup. 

Menstrual cups last many years, so you can achieve a zero-waste period. The initial cost of menstrual cups vs tampons or menstrual cups vs reusable pads is higher, but you save money over time as you don’t have to buy disposable products every month. 

For example, a 27-year-old switching from traditional menstrual products to a reusable menstrual cup could save €869 and 6,210 disposable products over their lifetime. 

That’s a lot of cheaper, greener periods. 

If you buy from a brand that supports reputable donation and education programs, you can also contribute to combating period poverty, stigma, and taboos.

Calculation of financial and waste savings for a 27 year old person switching from disposable menstrual products to reusable menstrual cup

How to choose your first menstrual cup

Everybody’s body is different, especially when it comes to vaginas, so you may have to experiment a bit to find the right cup for your body and lifestyle. 

That said, certain brands tend to work well for beginners. We’ll get to them in a bit. 

Most menstrual cups come in two different sizes. Which is right for you will depend on your age, activity level, menstrual flow (light vs heavy), the position of your cervix (high vs low cervix), and whether you’ve given birth. 

Your vaginal canal expands with age or after giving birth, so mothers and people of higher age usually get on best with larger sizes. Many beginners find smaller cups easier to insert and remove, though, regardless of age or childbirth history. 

Consistency is also important: beginners may find softer menstrual cups easier to insert and remove

As there’s a learning curve, look for a brand with an easy-to-follow menstrual cup sizing guide, detailed instructions on how to insert, remove and clean your cup, and ongoing support or a money-back / size-exchange guarantee, so you can try it risk-free. 

If social impact is important to you, choose a brand that’s transparent about how it ensures successful donations. If cultural and practical barriers aren’t addressed in parallel, donated cups can just end up in the trash.   


Four panels showing Ruby Cup small and medium menstrual cup according to high or low cervix and menstrual flow


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The 7 best menstrual cups for beginners

Here’s our pick of the 7 best reusable menstrual cups for first-time users. All are made from 100% medical-grade silicone. 

1. Ruby Cup

Comfortable, discrete, and easy to use, Ruby Cup is 100% vegan, and latex- and plastic-free. It comes in Small and Medium, holds 3x the capacity of a super tampon, and can be worn for up to 8 hours. It lasts up to 10 years, saving the equivalent of around 50 kg of plastic waste. 

Why it’s good for beginners 

Ruby Cup hits the right balance of softness and firmness, so it’s easy to fold and insert. Menstrual cups work by creating suction around the cervix, and Ruby Cup’s four tiny holes under the rim of the cup help hold it in place and prevent leakage. Ribbing on the base of the cup and stem also makes for easy removal. 

Ruby Cup is honest about the learning curve with a new cup and has a detailed size guide based on age, menstrual flow, and childbirth history, with handy visuals. Our beginners’ guide to how to use a menstrual cup includes animations, and FAQs cover topics like wearing it with an IUD, cleaning in public bathrooms, etc.


Four Ruby Cup menstrual cups in different colors



What really sets Ruby Cup apart, though, is the Buy One, Give One program that allows you to donate a cup to someone without access to safe menstrual care products. 

Unlike other brands, Ruby Cup is extremely transparent about how it measures the impact of donations. It only donates as part of sustained and sustainable initiatives that address stigma, taboos, and practical barriers to uptake through educational workshops run in collaboration with local community partners. It also requires detailed data collection and reporting to ensure at least 80% uptake and provides additional support if this isn’t achieved. 

To date, Ruby Cup has changed over 100,000 lives, making it the world’s leading menstrual cup donor, and the only beginner-friendly menstrual cup with a tangible social impact.


menstrual cup statistics



Lighter-colored cups may discolor over time, though this is normal and doesn’t affect how it works. Opt for black or red if it bothers you. 


€28.95, 1 cup + 1 donation.

€58.85, saver pack: 1 small cup, 1 medium cup, sterilizer, 2 donations.

Refunds policy 

120-day refund or size-exchange guarantee. 

Also sells 

Sterilizers, pelvic floor muscle exercisers. 

Ships to

Worldwide from Spain and the UK. Free for orders over €35.


2. Lena Sensitive Cup 

Designed for sensitive bodies, Sensitive is made from softer silicone than the classic Lena Cup, so it’s more flexible and presses less on the bladder. It comes in Small and Large, based on menstrual flow and cervix position, and can be worn for up to 12 hours. 

Why it’s good for beginners 

The softness makes it comfortable to wear and easy to fold. The ribbed stem is also less likely to irritate or need trimming than other brands. Users recommend Small for first-timers, especially if you haven’t given birth. 

Being able to wear it for 12 hours means you may be able to avoid cleaning in public bathrooms. Note, though, that 8 hours is the recommended safe limit

Lena Cup provides detailed guidance about sizing, use, and care. 


Lena menstrual cup and packaging



You can’t donate directly, but Lena Cup gives cups to initiatives working with underserved communities in developing countries. Unfortunately, no data is available on how it measures impact.   


  • Sizing doesn’t include childbirth history, so it may be harder to work out which size you need.  
  • Cups should last “years,” but the duration isn’t given, so it’s not clear how much you’ll save or when you’ll need to replace it.   


$27.00, 1 cup.  

$42.00, 2-pack (1 small + 1 large).

Refunds policy

Cups can be returned, but it’s not clear under what conditions.   

Ships to

Worldwide from the US.  


3. Lunette Cup

Lunette menstrual cup is certified vegan, can be worn for 12 hours, and comes in two different sizes: Model 1 (small) and Model 2 (large), sized by menstrual flow. 

Why it’s good for beginners 

Model 1 is made from softer silicone and has a longer stem than Model 2, so should suit first-time users. Customers like the soft rim and ratio of softness to firmness that helps insertion. 

Lunette provides helpful instructions for use.


Two Lunette menstrual cups, cleansing wash, wipes and bag



Lunette donates to and supports educational efforts and initiatives, and its packaging company offers employment to young people at risk of exclusion. There’s no data on impact, though.  

If you buy the limited edition pink cup, Lunette donates one to The Cup Foundation which teaches cup methodology to local partners around the world. Again, though, reporting is limited.     


  • Sizing based on flow alone can make it harder to find your size. 
  • More expensive than other brands. 
  • Useful lifetime isn’t stated.  


$39.99, 1 cup.

$55.99, starter kit (1 cup + cleanser, wipes, etc.)

Refunds policy 

Refund or size exchange after 90 days’ use, valid for up to 6 months from purchase. 

Also sells 

Cleansing wash, wipes, vibrators, jewelry, etc. 

Ships to

Worldwide from the US. Free for orders over $25 in the continental US and Canada. 


4. Saalt Teen Cup

Saalt Teen is a smaller, one-size-only version of the classic Saalt Cup. It’s vegan and lasts up to 10 years. 

Why it’s good for beginners 

Saalt Teen Cup was designed for and in collaboration with teens, so it’s perfect for them, and may also suit smaller adults. Users say it performs well during exercise and the softness and ribbing make it, literally, easy to get to grips with.

Saalt provides handy videos and guidance on insertion, removal, cleaning, and preventing leakage.  


Saalt Teen menstrual cup with packaging and bag



Saalt is a B Corp and donates 2% of revenue to period care in regions with greatest need. It also funds initiatives in menstrual health, girls’ education, and sustainability. Uptake rates are not shown on their impact assessment


Saalt Teen is designed for exactly that, teens, so it only comes in smaller sizes. It might not be the right fit for you and, if you’re still developing, be aware that you may outgrow it before the 10 years are up.  


$29, 1 cup. 

Refunds policy 

Replacement or refund after two periods. Valid for up to one year from purchase.  

Also sells 

Period panties, cleansing wash, and tote, cup, and laundry bags.

Ships to

Worldwide from the US except (currently) to Canada, Brazil and Japan. Free domestic shipping. 


5. Flex Cup

Flex Cup comes in Slim (2x super tampon capacity) and Full Fit (3x super tampon) and can be worn for up to 12 hours. 

Why it’s good for beginners 

The “disability-friendly” pull tab gently breaks the seal around the cervix and means it removes like a tampon, which beginners may appreciate. Users say it’s easy to remove and doesn’t leak.   

Flex Slim Fit is recommended for beginners or those with light menstrual flow. 

Flex Cup provides support to help you find the right fold, including animated guides.


Hand holding black Flex menstrual cup



At checkout, you can donate to #HappyPeriod which works to advance menstrual care for Black people with periods. Donations appear to go to women’s shelters in the US but there’s no data on impact.    


  • No refunds or exchanges.  
  • Size guide lacks images, so it’s hard to visualize how it relates to your body.   
  • The base of the cup is smooth, so if the ring breaks (as some users caution it can) it’s harder to grip than ribbed cups. 
  • Flex is a bit fuzzy about ethically sourcing and repurposing materials (“when possible,” leaves a lot of room for interpretation). It also sells disposable period products, which seems to miss the point a bit.  


$34.99, 1 cup + 2 menstrual discs (a soft, disposable cup you can leave in during sex). Refer a friend to get $5 back. 

Refunds policy 


Also sells

Cleansing washes, biodegradable wipes, disposal pouches for discs. 

Ships to

Worldwide from the US. Free domestic shipping on orders over $15. 


6. Intimina Lily Cup One

Designed as a one-size starter cup, Lily Cup One can be worn for up to 8 hours. It’s shorter than other brands, so may suit those with a low cervix. 

Why it’s good for beginners 

Users like the softness, comfort, the extra-firm double rim, and the base ring that aids removal. It’s collapsible and comes with a case you can slip in your pocket, good for those who are a bit shy about periods.  

Intimina Lily Cup One comes with written and visual instructions on insertion and removal, sizing, cleaning, and care.


Hand holding Intimina Lily Cup One menstrual cup



No evidence of activism or donations. 


  • Some users complain it’s hard to insert as it can fold up inside you when you’re trying to put it in place.  
  • Care needs to be taken to avoid breaking the ring.  
  • One size only.
  • No refunds.


€24.95 for 1 cup.

Refunds policy

Only for unopened and unused returns within 14 days.

Also sells 

Other cup models, kegel exercisers, intimate accessory cleaners, feminine moisturizer. 

Ships to

Worldwide from Europe. 


7. AllMatters (formerly OrganiCup)

AllMatters cup is certified vegan and allergy-free, uses no plastic packaging, and can be worn for up to 12 hours. 

It comes in Mini (for teens), A (not given birth), and B (given birth). 

Why it’s good for beginners 

Soft and easy to fold, which helps flatten the learning curve, with detailed instructions and videos. Size A and Mini are recommended for beginners or lighter flows.


AllMatters menstrual cup and packaging



AllMatters provides samples and informational material to school nurses and gynecologists and works with NGOs to combat period poverty and ignorance, though there’s no data on impact.    


  • With three sizes, you may find you need two cups per period.  
  • Only comes in clear, so likely to discolor.  


€24.00, 1 cup. 

Refunds policy 

90-day money-back or size exchange.

Also sells 

Intimate wipes and wash, own-brand zero-waste hand and body wash. 

Ships to

Worldwide from Europe but many countries are excluded, particularly in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Free for orders over €24. 

Conclusion: Which beginner menstrual cup should you pick?

Most reusable menstrual cups come in two different sizes. Size guides will help you work out which is best based on your age, childbirth history, cervix height, and menstrual flow. You may have to experiment a bit before you find the right cup for you. 

There’s a learning curve with a new cup, so look for a brand that provides comprehensive beginner support and/or offers a refund or size exchange.  

If you want to donate a cup or support educational initiatives, always choose a brand that’s transparent about how it measures impact. 

Our pick of the 7 best menstrual cups for beginners is:

  • Ruby Cup 
  • Lena Sensitive Cup
  • Lunette Cup
  • Saalt Teen Cup 
  • Flex Cup
  • Intimina Lily Cup One 
  • AllMatters 


Frequently asked questions about the best menstrual cup for beginners

What is the best period cup for beginners?

Ruby Cup is the best period cup for beginners. It’s soft and easy to fold, provides comprehensive support, and has a money-back or exchange guarantee.  

How do I choose a menstrual cup?

You can choose a menstrual cup by using size guides to work out the right size for you. If you are very sensitive or a beginner, you may prefer smaller, softer silicone cups.  

Can teenagers use menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups are suitable for anyone who menstruates, so teenagers can absolutely use them. Many brands sell “slimline” cups designed for young or smaller people. 


Looking for a high-impact, beginner-friendly menstrual cup? Ruby Cup is the #1 choice for first-time menstrual cup users and the world’s leading menstrual cup donor. For every cup you buy, we give one to someone without access to safe menstrual products. Get your Ruby Cup now



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