Become a Ruby Reseller ♥️

We are proud to be on the shelves of stores across the UK, Europe, Australia, and soon in the US, from eco-independents to leading grocers, beauty & department stores.

We are always looking for new resellers who are passionate about our mission to eradicate period shame and end period poverty around the world 🌍

Why Ruby Cup 💡

Sustainability is our top priority in product development

We actively work to eliminate plastic and minimize packaging to reduce Ruby's environmental footprint

Proud holders of Vegan certifications, reflecting our commitment to ethical and eco-conscious practices

Unwavering dedication to product effectiveness and top quality, ensuring they last over 10 years

We are an ethical company that donates menstrual cups to individuals worldwide facing period poverty, furthering our mission of providing sustainable and accessible solutions.

What's in for You 💪

Our wholesale prices allow you to generate sales with great margins

We offer several packaging options including a package-free one

You and your customers will become part of our social mission with our Buy One Give One program & other initiatives that eradicate period poverty and period shame around the world

Our selection of menstrual cups, period underwear, and kegel trainers are 100% vegan and medically approved to ensure the highest quality for your customers' comfort.

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