PMS, Cramps, Heavy Bleeding – How These 3 Veggies Help

PMS, Cramps, Heavy Bleeding – How These 3 Veggies Help

Chances are high that when you were younger and living with your mum, she had to force you to eat your greens. But believe me, after reading this, you will want to add these veggies to every meal. Turns out, most of the healthy stuff you didn’t like as a kid can actually ease period cramps and help with a bloated stomach.

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3 veggies that will help you relieve PMS symptoms, bloating during your period and menstrual cramps

Here are 3 veggies that do wonders when the typical symptoms that occur shortly before or during your period are bugging you again:

- Cilantro and Parsley against Food Cravings

The magic ingredient here is iron.
These two herbs are both great sources of iron, which during your period (especially if you have heavy periods), you should make sure you’ve got enough of. Lacking iron could be one of the reasons you feel these diehard cravings. So make sure your iron levels are up to avoid those insane munchies. Although there is nothing wrong with giving in to a PMS-feast á la ice cream, chocolate and burgers every once in a while.

But it’s not just good against cravings. Good iron levels can also decrease heavy period cramps – now that’s a good deal, right?

- Celery against bloating during your period

This vegetable is famous for being the only food that eating it burns more calories than it actually has. But far more important, it can be a great help against unwanted bloating during your period. Celery mainly consists of water which will keep you hydrated and get your digestion going. Consider celery as a healthy snacking option during your period (really good when combined with delicious dips like peanut butter).

- Spinach helps ease menstrual cramps

The reason you definitely want to get spinach into your period diet is the vitamins B6 and E and good the levels of calcium that each leaf contains. What sounds rather boring can actually do wonders and loosen up those mean menstrual pains and (once again) beat the bloat.

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Already feel like going to the supermarket and stock up on these healthy treasures? Now it won’t just be to keep your Mum happy.


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