Empowering Girls in Kenya: Our Inspiring Journey with the Golden Girls Foundation

Empowering Girls in Kenya: Our Inspiring Journey with the Golden Girls Foundation


In 2013, we embarked on a remarkable journey with the Golden Girls Foundation, whose work is aimed at making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged girls in Kenya. What began as a mission to provide menstrual cups and support to girls in Nairobi soon expanded to the village of Masogo in Kisumu.

Our collaboration went beyond just helping these girls with menstrual challenges and evolved into empowerment - to feel safe and supported to pursue their dreams.

golden girls mentor giving a talk to students on ruby menstrual cups

Menstrual Cups and Mentorship:

Ruby Cup was deeply involved in training GGF's women mentors. Equipped with knowledge and understanding, these mentors became the girls’ support pillars. Witnessing the positive impact of menstrual cups and mentorship on the girls’ lives was heartening, ensuring they could focus on their education without issue. We soon realised that providing ongoing support was vital for the girls' long-term success. So, together with GGF, we brainstormed income-generating activities. One idea that stood out was setting up a school that could offer better education to their children while creating employment opportunities for them. Eager to contribute, Ruby Cup donated funds to establish the school’s first class.

A Blossoming Educational Center:

What started as a small endeavour has now blossomed into a vibrant educational centre. Witnessing the growth of the school and its positive impact on the community filled me with immense pride. With a team of 11 dedicated teachers and 7 women mentors as support staff, the school became a nurturing environment for learning and growth.

school girls smiling learning about ruby cups

Spreading Opportunities and Hope:

The school's impact extended beyond the girls it served. Several mentors found opportunities to trade with the school, securing their livelihoods. We proudly sponsored the education of five children from disadvantaged families, opening doors of opportunity for their future. We are so happy that the school continues providing the village’s best education. The success stories of its graduates, excelling in other institutions, fill the whole team here with immense joy. 

Period Underwear for a Greater Cause:

Ruby Cup's commitment to supporting education remains unwavering. We recently launched our new Ruby Life Underwear range, created with purpose. With every sale, 2% of the revenue goes to the learning centre nursery, further nurturing young minds and promoting a love for learning.

two smiling women wearing ruby life period underwear

A Legacy of Impact:

As a longstanding partner of the Golden Girls Foundation, we are humbled to be part of this transformative journey. Together, we have distributed over 40,000 menstrual cups in Western Kenya, making a tangible difference in the lives of countless women and girls. Our journey with the Golden Girls Foundation has been immensely rewarding. As our partnership's legacy continues, so does the promise of a brighter, more empowered future for these young women and girls and their dreams.

For more information about where and how Ruby Cup gives back, check out our impact report.

map showing where rub cup gives back

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