How To Maintain An Active Lifestyle During Your Period

How To Maintain An Active Lifestyle During Your Period

Let me ask you something. How would you feel about long-distance running, rock climbing, or cross-country skiing while also on your period? Sounds like a tough call, I know.

Just imagine being tightly packed in a full-body ski suit and then having to get undressed every two hours just to change your tampon because it’s the first day of your period. Takes all the fun out, am I right?

But not for Lisa. She does all these things, whether she’s on her period or not.

How does she do it? She uses a Ruby Cup. Lisa is one of our ambassadors and a super sporty and active person. We asked her to share her personal experience with how Ruby Cup helps her do all of her hobbies even on the first day of her period.

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Ready to get to hear just how much of a period game changer a menstrual cup is? Read on:

1) How does having a Ruby Cup improve your active lifestyle? You told me you’re into long-distance running, climbing and hiking. Please explain how having a Ruby Cup improves those activities for you:

Using a Ruby Cup makes having my period much easier and more comfortable in so many ways.

With the Ruby Cup I am able to plan for long workout sessions without being worried about taking any inconvenient breaks. First of all the silicone feels very comfortable, and I usually forget that it’s even there. And secondly, I can keep it in for way longer than any other products, like tampons for example.

The Ruby Cup is genius for female hikers. Because you don’t want to bring too much stuff with you in your backpack, and also, you don’t want to carry too much trash with you! With tampons, there are layers of plastic, and there’s nowhere to bin them, or the tampon - which means you'll have to carry it all with you. With my Ruby Cup, I’ll easily clean it out in a river and boil it at the end of my period. Easy peasy!

In Norway, we have very long winters, so I try to take advantage of this and go on lots of cross-country skiing trips during the long, cold months. And just like when hiking, I want to use a product that can last for many hours without really noticing its presence and without having to change it out before I’m done with the trip for the day.

2) Think back to your time pre-Ruby Cup: Can you recall a moment where you couldn’t do what you wanted to do because you didn’t have a Ruby Cup yet?

There are too many to count..!

I work in the film industry in Norway, and we tend to shoot in some crazy locations. And even though the production teams always do their best to keep the crew happy, the loo-break opportunities are very few, and the toilets are often really far away from set! And in these scenarios, the Ruby Cup is a lifesaver. Because it doesn’t leak and I’m not worried about getting physically ill from keeping it in for a good while.

I also boulder and climb at different climbing gyms in Oslo, and I have slowly started climbing a bit outside.

And this summer I did my first multi-pitch climb, which means that we spent a long time on the wall! These kinds of outdoor activities can be tricky to do on your period if you know that there might be hours before your next toilet visit. But I feel much more confident going out on these adventures with my Ruby Cup!

3) Tell us about a time where you were relieved that you had a Ruby Cup and why

I ran the Berlin marathon with my Ruby Cup, on the first day of my week, which is always the worst for me. And during these kinds of races, you don’t really want to take any breaks (although I got so excited/nervous that I had to stop and pee after the first five minutes!)

I ran in black tights, so I didn’t think THAT much damage could be done in the first place, but it was still horrible to be worrying about it so much before I started running. Once I did start running though, I completely forgot that I was using the Ruby Cup! And I only really remembered when I got back to my Airbnb afterwords. I had worried for no reason and was left mega impressed!

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No more compromises during your period

Lisa’s story is like a vintage tampon ad come to life. Remember how those ads promised you effortless horseback riding while on your period or playing tennis in a white skirt while feeling dry and clean all day long? Well, as you can tell from Lisa’s experience (and hundreds of other happy 4 and 5-star reviews), Ruby Cup holds the promise that tampons or pads couldn’t.

If you too want a period product that is so comfy you don’t feel it and that does not interrupt your vaginal pH, then give a Ruby Cup a go. And if you end up not liking it, our 120-day money-back guarantee will have your back.

Stop making compromises to your active lifestyle because of a period product that does not put your comfort or health first. What’s holding you back?

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