Ruby Cup Says: Period Panties 101 – Everything you need to know

Ruby Cup Says: Period Panties 101 – Everything you need to know

Periods can be messy, and for some, heavy flow days can be a particular challenge. That's where period panties come in – a game-changer for leakproof confidence during your period.

Do Period Panties Work for Heavy Periods? Absolutely!

Period pants are all the rage in the period care landscape, but are they really worth it? In most cases, absolutely. Specifically, Ruby Cup’s period pants are designed for heavy flows.

These panties feature a thicker absorbent layer capable of holding the equivalent of 3 maxi tampons. It’s like a regular pair of pants with a built-in washable pad, but without the hassle of a wandering pad.

The built-in pad is constructed of 3 layers of breathable and leak-proof fabric that can hold in any liquid while making you feel dry as a desert.


Plus Size? You're welcome!

Period panty inclusivity is key. Many brands, including Ruby Cup, offer a wide range of sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for everyone. No more struggling to find leakproof protection – you deserve comfort and confidence at any size.


Not sure about the size you need? No problem! Find the right size for you using our guidelines.

Disposable Pads vs. Reusable Period Pants: Weighing the Options

Over 90% of people start their period journey with single-use period care products. Although they appear to be more easily accessible than reusable ones, are they the best option?

  • Disposable Period Pads:

    These offer a convenient option for any type of on-the-go period, heavy flow days, and are easily accessible in any pharmacy or supermarket. On the other hand, they are made of over 5 grams of plastic, and it takes about 800 years to fully biodegrade. Also, to make them bright white, odorless - or scented - they are heavily treated with harmful chemicals that are absorbed into your body as you wear them. Because they are less eco-friendly than reusables, we choose not to sell this product.


  • Reusable Period Panties:

    An eco-friendly and cost-effective option in the long run! Period pants come in various absorbency levels and can be washed and reused for months and years. Ruby Cup’s period pants are completely chemical-free, and their 3-layer built-in pad allows the pants to be leakproof and odorless even on your heaviest days. One pair of pants equals 3 maxi pads.

Period Panties for Teens: A Leakproof Start to Periods

Periods can be a confusing and sometimes embarrassing time for teenagers. Period panties offer a leakproof and comfortable alternative to tampons or pads, promoting confidence and lessening anxieties during this new experience.

With period pants, gym days, long days at school, and after-school activities can be fully covered by one simple pair of pants instead of bathroom runs to change a full pad or asking your friends if your trousers are stained.

Ruby Cup recognizes the importance of comfortable, secure, and easy-to-use period care for young women, making our period panties a great choice for teens.

How to Wash Reusable Period Panties: Easy Peasy!

Washing reusable period panties is simple! Most brands, including Ruby Cup, recommend rinsing them with cold water immediately after use to remove excess blood. Then, toss them in the washing machine with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid fabric softeners and high heat, which can damage the absorbency of the panties. Finally, air dry them and voila! They’re ready for next month.

Reusable period pants can be used for over 5 years.

Ditch the Stain, and Join the Flow

Period pants, alongside menstrual cups like Ruby Cup, offer a comfortable, convenient, reusable, and leak-proof way to manage your period.

With sizing ranging from XXS to 4XL and various colors, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. Embrace leakproof confidence and ditch the stress with Ruby Cup period underwear!

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Remember, for any questions or concerns about your period health, always consult a doctor.

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