This is the easy DIY Halloween costumer you've been looking for

This is the easy DIY Halloween costumer you've been looking for

It’s the same thing every year. During the months leading up to Halloween, you have tons of amazing ideas for costumes. Then, October starts and you have no clue what to dress up as. All inspiration has mystically vanished. Well, you might find that lost inspiration right here. This costume includes blood, history and feminism. Sounds like the perfect outfit for Halloween, right?

The Feminist Halloween Costume: Leona Chalmers

I’m talking about dressing up as inventor, entrepreneur and author Leona Chalmers, a woman who dedicated her life to the bloody business. You’re not sure who she is? Let me blow your mind: She’s the inventor and founder of the menstrual cup!

Not only did she have a major #girlboss moment during the late 1930s by seizing the opportunity of patenting menstrual cups, she also ran the first menstrual cup company called Tassette.

But that’s not all, she also published a book titled “The intimate side of a woman’s life” that intends to empower and educate women about their bodies by writing about periods, menstrual cups, vaginas and sexual hygiene…(but also douching -yikes).


How to dress up as Leona W. Chalmers, inventor of the first menstrual cup:

What you’ll need:

  • a classic white blouse with a collar
  • a black cardigan
  • a modest necklace and/or earrings
  • If you have a spare, unused menstrual cup, take it out for Halloween ;)

Indispensable is also:

  • a determined attitude to improve menstruation management for women worldwide
  • an unstoppable energy to talk about menstrual cups and menstruation
  • Leona Chalmer’s vintage Tassette Ads and first sketches printed out to show everybody who wants to learn more.


  • Now I’m still not sure why Halloween costumes stopped being scary, but if you want a scary Halloween costume, just go for “The Ghost of Leona Chalmers”
  • Or tell people horror stories of toxins and bleaching chemicals in tampons and how they caused a major TSS epidemic for women in the 1980s. The New York Times reported 652 TSS cases out of which 63 ended deadly. I call that scary as hell!

Get inspired by some of the Ruby Cup team members who dressed up as Leona Chalmers:

There are many good reasons to dress up as Leona Chalmers. This costume is appropriate for work, it educates, it’s original and it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to create it. And no doubt, this Halloween costume will be the Nr. 1 conversation starter!


PS: have you seen our RUBY CUP BLACK? Now even your vagina can dress up for Halloween!

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