The African Coalition For Menstrual Health Management

The African Coalition For Menstrual Health Management

Get To Know The African Coalition For Menstrual Health Management

The ACMHM emerged out of the recommendations that occurred during the inaugural 2018 Africa Menstrual Health symposium in Johannesburg.

It made history as it was the first ever symposium in East- and Southern Africa held to discuss menstrual health education as a tool of the empowerment of girls and women. 

The ACMHM continues the efforts and discussions started at the symposium and aims at the advancing and sustaining of a collaborative platform for a diverse range of Africa-based players and stakeholders working on MHM. We are humbled to be a member of this action-oriented coalition. 

The vision of the coalition is that by 2030, all women, girls, and people who menstruate are empowered to address the MHM challenges from menarche to menopause in development and humanitarian settings.

Task forces of the ACMHM

Ruby Cup joined two of the ten MHM priority areas and we're excited to be part of the first task force meetings for MHM (menstrual health management) and SRHR (sexual health and reproductive health and rights) beginning of February 2019.

Task force members contribute to the implementation of the ACMHM strategic priorities, which include advocacy, knowledge-sharing, data and research as well as building partnerships. 

The next meeting is coming up this week, and we can't wait to see what is coming next and we will, of course, keep you up to date.

Be sure to follow the African Coalition for Menstrual Health Management and connect with them on Twitter. Support comes from UNFPA’s East and South Africa Regional Office.



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