Ruby Cup's Favourite TED Talks

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Photo: How Language Shapes the Way We Think by Lera Boroditsky

Ever stuck in a funk? Need some inspiration or motivation? What a better way to get the juices flowing than by watching a TED Talk. We asked the Ruby Cup team to share their favourite TED Talks and tell us why they love them so much. 

How Language Shapes the Way We Think by Lera Boroditsky

    “Our language was formed based on our traditions and its interesting to see how we’re so different and it helps to understand nations better.”

    Alla Shoman, B2B Sales Manager  

    3 Steps To Turn Everyday Get-Togethers Into Transformative Gatherings by Priya Parker 

    “She gives good examples of how we try to avoid conflict in our families or at parties and she says that unresolved harmony is just as harmful as unresolved conflict. She gives examples on how to take away negativity with fun and interesting examples of how you can talk about something where you have different opinions and it brings people closer together.” 

      Leanka Sayer, Senior Community Strategist and Social Content Manager

      The Danger of a Single Story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

      “It warns against the danger of reducing people and situations to a single narrative. For instance, depicting Mexicans as abject immigrants sneaking across the border and fleecing the healthcare system. By showing people as one thing, only one thing over and over again, then that is what they become in people’s eyes.” 

        Djanira Cortesão, Head of Marketing and Communications

        Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe by Simon Sinek

        “I like seeing things on management and all the ways to deal with organizations. This guy really inspired me because what he said has a lot of strength and it’s very natural.”

          Stephanie Ruelle, Head of BtoB Sales 

          Girl Up: The Secrets to an Extraordinary Life by Courtney Ferrell

          “The entire speech is saying that girls need a mentor and motivator that's telling them how strong they are and how important it is to be self-confident. She was able to make me laugh and cry at the same time. I think at that age it’s so difficult to have self-confidence and she’s very inspiring.”

            Valentina Carrara, Customer Care and Community Manager

            Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen! By Ernesto Sirolli 

            “It’s very humorous but addresses very fundamental issues that shape how I design programs. It helps to understand the context of people and why they do what they do. It’s important for me when I design programs to keep beneficiaries in the back of my mind.”

              Alfred Muli, Regional Program Manager - East Africa

              The Virginity Fraud by Nina Dolvik Brochmann and Ellen Stokken Dahl

              “I like it because they show how much misconception there is about virginity. They try to debunk those myths with a little bit of humor.”

                Julie Weigaard Kjaer, CEO

                Your Elusive Creative Genius by Elizabeth Gilbert

                “I like how she talks about creativity and some of the ideas that are assimilated in society.”

                  Estela de Diego, Visual Designer

                  It's Time For Porn To Change by Erika Lust

                  “I think we do not talk enough about female pleasure and how mainstream porn has become the main source for sex information and education, and how this affects young people, their body image and what they expect from sex.” 

                    Amaia Arranz, COO & Social Impact Director 

                    The Power of Sharing a Photo by Sophie Hellyer

                    “Apart from the social and environmental consciousness, she talks about changing to menstrual cups. I watched days before I started working in Ruby Cup. So when I came to the interview I felt it was all connected and I had a good feeling thinking that I must work here. She also talked about the importance and the positive impact of things we share online. I'll quote what she said; ‘It really can have a positive impact. I might just be creating gentle ripples, baby waves, with what I share online, but I know they are part of a much bigger wave.’”

                      Agustín Saviza, Finance and Accounting Manager

                      We Don't "Move On" From Grief. We Move Forward With It by Nora McInerny

                      "She looks at grief in such an interesting way and shares an inspiring story of how all the loss in her life has made her the person she is today and how it has shaped her relationships."

                        Alexis Mazanec, Marketing Intern

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