Menstrual Health Month May 2022 #WeAreCommitted

This May 2022, we double all donations in our Buy One Give One program, making it #buy1give2. If you buy a Ruby Cup at any point throughout this month, your purchase automatically includes the donation of two other Ruby Cups to two individuals without access to safe period products.

May is an important month for menstrual health at a global scale. May 28th is Menstrual Health Day, as we and many others insist on calling the day that was originally named Menstrual Hygiene Day. Menstrual Hygiene Day, and WASH United - the organizations behind it - draw attention to periods, menstrual taboos, and the inequity that exists in the world because of menstruation. Menstrual Health Day as an awareness event spreads over the entire month - hence Menstrual Health Month.

The official mission of the global Menstrual Health Day (MH Day) platform is to “catalyze advocacy and action towards a world where no one is held back because they menstruate by 2030”. Creating a world where no one is held back because of their period is what we at Ruby Cup are doing every day, and in recognition of MH Day our fight against period poverty is enhanced throughout the month of May.

Menstrual Health Month menstrual cup

We are the period cup that impacts lives #WeAreCommitted

Ruby Cup is the period cup that impacts lives. Our commitment, our fight against period poverty, and our work towards creating equal opportunities for everyone is built into our business model. That’s why it’s not possible for anyone to buy a Ruby Cup for themselves without impacting someone else’s life through a donation of a menstrual cup at the same time. On top of this, a menstrual cup is a zero waste product that will reduce the environmental impact of your period

We are a social enterprise that gives back and contributes to a better world with every step we take.

In recognition of Menstrual Health Month and to fulfil our mission of: 

  • Fighting period poverty with our every move
  • Breaking menstrual taboos
  • Making sure that no one is held back by their period…

This May 2022, buy1give1 becomes #buy1give2. Every Ruby Cup purchase in May 2022 includes the donation of two other Ruby Cups to two individuals without access to safe period products. And as a Ruby Cup lasts up to 10 years, you impact the lives of someone for a long time as they get the opportunity to handle their period with dignity and with the safe, healthy and comfortable solution that a menstrual cup of medical grade silicone is.

A Ruby Cup donation always includes menstrual health education and ongoing support. We want to ensure maximum impact on the lives of the people receiving donations, giving people the opportunity to rise above period poverty.

If you don’t need a Ruby Cup for yourself and decide to donate one instead during the month of May, we’ll top up your donation with another one, so that your act helps two individuals rise above period poverty.

#buy1give2 for all of May 2022. Come fight period poverty twice as hard together with us!

Ruby Cup the period cup that impacts lives
Fight period poverty