Menstrual cup memes and illustrations

Menstrual Cup Memes: Illustrations of Learnings and Triumphs

We recently published an article on period memes that are relatable, funny and good to have at hand when you feel like having a laugh. We are happy to see that our community seems to enjoy that article just as much as we enjoyed collecting the visuals for it. In our research for memes and illustrations, we stumbled upon a brilliant illustrated series on menstrual cups by the Mexican illustrator Alikia Pony (alter ego of Alicia Lemus).

And those illustrations are simply too good not to share. So now itā€™s time for us to get industry-specific and take a look at menstrual cup memes and illustrations.

Alikia Ponyā€™s series starts from the moment you first encounter a menstrual cup and takes us for an illustrated journey up the menstrual cup learning curve. Revealing initial fears and in a very blunt way showing the learnings and epiphanies youā€™ll reach once you learn how to use the cup - youā€™ll see how and why switching to a menstrual cup is all worth it.

How to get a zero waste period with a menstrual cup

Alikia Ponyā€™s illustrated series of what happens when inviting a menstrual cup into your life

Illustration of first experience with menstrual cup

Expectation vs. reality during your first encounter with a menstrual cup:

Expectation versus reality of using a menstrual cup

Expectations and reality might not match during your very first encounter with a menstrual cup. (It all depends on your expectations, of course!) There is definitely a learning curve to making the switch. Thatā€™s something all new period cup users go through. If you want to learn the doā€™s and donā€™ts from scratch, we encourage you to step by our menstrual cup beginnerā€™s guide.

Illustration of how much blood a menstrual cup holds - menstrual cup meme

A menstrual cup will help show you how much period blood you discharge every month. This will get you closer to your own body than whatā€™s possible with most other period products. And youā€™ll also be able to read your bodyā€™s signals more clearly and thereby see if something about your period is changing month over month.

If you are curious to get into some averages for how much blood your body is expected to discharge over one period, look into what research says about it.

Menstrual cup meme with blood on hands

Yes, you will get much closer to your period blood when using a menstrual cup than you would using a pad (or even a tampon, for that matter). And yes, youā€™ll get a bit of your own period blood on your hands when removing the cup from your vagina and rinsing it. But being close to and in sync with your period (and having a healthy and zero-waste period) will make you feel empowered! Remember: There is nothing unclean or unnatural about periods - quite contrarily, they are a sign of a healthily working body.Ā 

Menstrual cup meme - do menstrual cups stretch you out illustration

Does a menstrual cup seem a bit big the first time you insert it? It might. But remember that a vagina is very elastic and can expand to accommodate a penis, or a sex toy. After sex, your vagina simply goes back to its normal shape and size.

Related article: Do menstrual cups stretch you out? Dispelling the myths.

A menstrual cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone, which is a flexible material that adjusts to your body and follows your bodyā€™s curves. Fold the cup before inserting it - this will make the cupā€™s surface smaller and insertion much easier.

Check also our guide on how to insert a menstrual cup.

Illustration: How long can you keep a menstrual cup in meme

Whereas some menstrual cup brands express that a menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, we recommend you to use your menstrual cup for no more than 8 hours at a time between emptying and rinsing it. We take safety extremely seriously, so we err on the side of caution by going for 8 hours, just like a number of regulatory bodies and authorities on the subject (an example is the TGA, Therapeutic Goods Australia).

And although cleaning your cup in a public bathroom is not a situation you'd find yourself in very often, it is possible: How to clean a menstrual cup in a public bathroom.

Menstrual cup meme: Can a period cup get lost inside the vagina illustration

It all feels so new and unknown when you first start using your menstrual cup, and of course youā€™ll have thoughts wandering around your mind. This is all part of the learning curve when changing the way you handle your period. But if you feel like in the visual above, letā€™s help out here: No, your menstrual cup cannot get lost inside you. If you feel your menstrual cup gets stuck (even though that is a rare event!), follow our step-by-step guide to getting it out again.

Menstrual cup meme - illustration of how comfortable it is to use a menstrual cup

Thatā€™s right: A menstrual cup is a fuss-free, top comfortable period product. Once itā€™s in, you wonā€™t even feel it. It will collect your period blood and keep it in place until you take out the cup for a rinse every 8 hours (insert, remove, rinse, repeat). You can move around freely in all positions wearing your menstrual cup: Swimming, sitting, running, walking, lying down, doing any kinds of sports, doing handstands, and much more.

It gives you unparalleled freedom compared to most other period products, and that it gives you healthier and zero waste periods too are further plusses.

Period cup meme - how long can a menstrual cup last illustration

Thatā€™s right. Your menstrual cup will last you up to 10 years, saving you a lot of money over time and giving you healthy periods and unparalleled freedom.

Menstrual cup meme - you'll love your menstrual cup illustration

The conclusion to this adorable series of menstrual cup memes and illustrations taking us for a ride up the menstrual cup learning curve?


Itā€™s worth the try: Youā€™ll love it.Ā 

We can only echo that!Ā 

The Ruby Cup team sends a warm thanks to Alicia Lemus (a.k.a. Alikia Pony): We love your illustrations. Check out Alikia Pony on Instagram too!


Our own menstrual cup meme: Ruby Cup provides period liberty

Not sure if you are already aware that we are a bunch of people with a good sense of humor at Ruby Cup? Otherwise, now is the time to find out. Weā€™ve made our own Ruby Cup meme featuring the Statue of Liberty herself, and letā€™s tell you why.

Menstrual cups are a very good choice for heavy periods. They hold as much period blood as three super tampons, which means youā€™ll have less trips to the bathroom to deal with your period when using a menstrual cup compared to most other period products out there.

On top of this, you can run, jump, sit, walk, swim, lie down and make handstands and yoga inversions without sensing your menstrual cup inside you - this gives you unparallelled freedom and a lot of liberty while on your period - fuss-free periods, we normally call it. So, besides all the other benefits of choosing a menstrual cup of medical grade silicone (body-healthy material, zero waste period product, money-saving solution, and much more), their function as one of the best period hacks for heavy periods ease the everyday lives of so many people globally.

Weā€™ll let it be up for you to judge how successful we are in the art of creating memes, so here goes:

Ā Menstrual cup meme of the statue of liberty having heavy periods and using a menstrual cup

Thanks for reading along, and donā€™t forget to check out our article on period memes for a good, relatable laugh as well.

If you choose Ruby Cup, you are not only choosing unparalleled freedom for yourself by switching to a healthier and completely zero waste period product. Through our Buy1Give1 program, you are offering the exact same thing for someone else too.

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