Schmierblutung (Zwischenblutung)

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Bleeding is bleeding that occurs outside the month. This can sometimes lead to unpractical surprises and in some women also to unrest - no reason to panic, there are also solutions for this.

Here you will learn all about the symptoms and causes of spotting and how to best handle them. There are very easy tips and tricks on how you can go about your daily routine without worrying about spotting.

Spotting: Symptoms

Lubricant or intermenstrual bleeding is also known as extra bleeding or spotting. It occurs in many women and need not be a cause for concern.

What exactly are spotting? The symptoms are:

  • a very light period or slight bleeding between your cycles
  • Spotting between two cycles

Brown spotting

A spotting is a brownish discharge that often occurs the day before or after your period. This is completely normal. However, many women have brown spotting in between two cycles - this can happen from time to time, but this is more often the case if you talk to your doctor about it.

Spotting: causes and triggers

There are several factors that can trigger spotting. The causes are mostly related to your lifestyle and health. The trigger for spotting can be:

  • contraceptive
  • stress
  • Change in hormone levels (especially during your ovulation)
  • pregnancy
  • menopause

Bleeding or spotting: What to do?

Watch your cycle. Keeping an eye on your cycle and knowing it well will make it easier for you to detect menstrual irregularities and irregularities. This may you succeed also correlations to discover between certain behaviors or habits and irregular bleeding - and thus potential problems with your menstrual period. Just use a menstrual calendar and keep everything under control. We compared the best apps for you here.

Using a cycle calendar or app, you'll know when your ovulation is about to take place. This is relevant because many women around the fertile days have spotting, triggered by a change in hormone levels. Also, the sudden discontinuation of the pill changes your hormone levels and leads to spotting.

The solution for intermenstrual bleeding

Anti-stress measures

Stress is one of the most common causes of menstrual disorders or irregularities in your period. If you have a very busy, full day behind or in front of you, be sure to install regularity regarding your eating and sleeping patterns. This is important to keep your hormone levels balanced. So you can prevent bleeding.

Menstrual cups: for a healthier period

Using tampons or bandages as a preventative measure to prevent spotting on normal days can quickly cause irritation and make you feel uncomfortable as tampons dry out, for example. The menstrual cup, on the other hand, captures the blood rather than absorbing fluids, and is made of high quality and wholesome material.

So if you have unexpected spotting or spotting headaches, then you can just use a menstrual cup and feel safe and confident all day long.

A menstrual cup has many other benefits for you. Here's how the cup can significantly improve your period and positively change your life!

When should you go to the doctor?

If you have heavy bleeding between your cycles, then you should definitely go to the doctor or a doctor. Even if you have spotting and spotting during a pregnancy, or bleeding after having sex, be sure to make a doctor's appointment.

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