Got Your Period On Valentine’s Day? Have Sex Anyway – 5 Reasons We Are Pro-Period Sex!

Got Your Period On Valentine’s Day? Have Sex Anyway – 5 Reasons We Are Pro-Period Sex!

So here’s the situation: you just checked your calendar, set your plans for Valentine’s Day and then realize you’re gonna have your period. Duh-duh-duuhm (insert dramatic sound here). Sounds familiar?

If you’ve had awesome period sex before, you probably couldn’t care less because you’re gonna get those bed sheets messed up anyway.

But for some of you, period sex might still be something completely new. Don’t fret, no need to change your plans, we are here to save your Valentines-sex-session! Let us make sure you and your vagina get all the attention you deserve.

Here are 5 reasons to be pro-period sex on Valentine’s Day:

1. Period Sex is not as messy as you think it is

Imagination is a bitch. Period sex actually doesn’t end up looking like that bloody murder scene you might imagine it to be. Of course, it depends on how heavy you are bleeding, but even if your flow is still pretty strong you can avoid the dreaded Carrie-look, trust us. Yes, the sheets might get a little crimson colouring, but that’s a logistic problem and nothing a tactically placed towel won’t sort out – anyway, isn’t that totally worth the good time you’re having?

If you’re worried that your partner might be grossed out about it, don’t. Generally, if you don’t feel weird, your partner probably won’t either. Vaginas and sex are always interesting. Just be sure to tell your partner that you’re on your period before, because seeing some unexpected blood is probably not the best surprise to give your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Always keep in mind: it’s just another natural body fluid – if you think that it’s gross, you might have to consider ‘why do we find menstrual blood gross but sperm ok?’ Now that that’s settled, let’s move on to argument number. 2.

2. Heightened sensitivity

During your period it’s not only your emotions that seem more sensitive but also your body – your delicate areas in particular could respond more intensely. Some women even claim to have a higher libido while they’re on their period – and it would be a shame to waste that, wouldn’t it? Embrace it, reclaim it, sing “Hallelujah!”

3. Free-flowing lubrication

Just another great bonus: your vagina basically has a constant level of moistness while you’re on your period which can make the sex extra smooth and sensual. Not much more to add except, what the bloody hell are you waiting for?

4. Period Cramp Relief

Orgasms set a bunch of endorphins free that create a feel-good that streams through your whole body. Did you know that these endorphins actually act as natural pain killers and anti-depressants? So you might just have the perfect and most fun solution to combat killer cramps and evil period moods to enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

5. The After-Sex Period Binge is even more rewarding

And last but not least, another sweet little reason: you’ve just burnt loads of calories after that intense period sex-session so go ahead, fully indulge in your Valentine’s Day chocolates – in bed, of course.

Ready to perform? Have a great and sexy Valentine’s Day!

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