Period memes funny and relatable memes and illustrations about menstruation

Period Memes For A Good, Relatable Laugh

Sometimes when you are on your period you just want to feel understood. One tool that will help you out with exactly that is period memes that depict what you feel.

There are tons of very relatable memes about menstruating and all of what this bodily process, that so many of us are dealing with on a monthly basis, entails. At Ruby Cup, weā€™ve had a few good laughs looking through all of the period memes out there, so we have decided that itā€™s time to lighten up and share the ones we enjoyed the most right here for our community to also enjoy.

It is said that a picture says more than a thousand words, and this is probably why memes are sometimes capable of expressing what you have a hard time finding the exact words for. Feel free to take inspiration and send over a meme to someone with any type of menstrual struggle or period-related mood swing to whom you just wanna say ā€œI hear youā€.

You know that kind of ā€œI hear youā€ that you see in the eyes of mom Ming as she drives Mei-Mei to school and informs her ā€œHereā€™s your lunch. I packed extra snacksā€ in Disney Pixar's 2022 movie Turning Red.

Extra snacks for Mei-Mei from mum ming because Mei-Mei got her period. Visual from Pixar 2022 movie Turning Red.


Letā€™s take a trip to menstrual island:

Menstrual Island illustration by Gemma Correll

Ā Illustration by Gemma Correll.


And while weā€™re there, why not go for a hike through the land of pelvic pain?

Meme about pelvic pain on periods by the happy pelvis

Illustration by the happy pelvis.


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And while our monthly trips sometimes come at the most inconvenient of timings ā€¦

period meme bad timing

Illustration by selfcare lifestyle.


ā€¦ Letā€™s remember that:

Period self care & self love is the best

Meme about period self love and self care

Idea by @blkgirlblog on Instagram (account no longer active).

Period self care is always a good idea, indeed! Anything you can do to pamper yourself, empower yourself and get yourself in a good mood while on your period - go for it - you deserve it. How about slowing down with a great piece of literature from The Bloody Good Reading List? šŸ˜‰

Meme about books about menstruation


Illustration by Hazel Mead for Bloody Good Period.

ā€¦ And snacks and a take-out pizza, of course!

Meme on eating snacks and pizza while on your period

Illustration by Akshara Ashok.Ā 


Your uterus is just as upset as you are

If you are moody from the hormonal fluctuations you experience on your period, you are not alone.

You just got your period, and you are cramping and feeling less than excellent. Your inner voice is mumbling: ā€œWhy now?ā€, ā€œWhy me?ā€, just ā€œWHY?!ā€ But: Have you ever tried to see things from the perspective of your uterus? It is just as upset as you are, giving you the cramps to share its pain. At least if we should believe the following comic strip revealing how your uterus is going through grief every month:

period meme about uterus going through grief

(We havenā€™t been able to identify the illustrator behind theĀ comic above. Weā€™ll update this article as soon as we do!)

Even if neither angry nor aggressive as in the comic strip above, your uterus is really not having its best days when you are on your period ā€¦

Don't ovary act menstrual period meme

Illustration by joanandrose.

Illustration of your uterus sheltering from menstrual blood by Rachel Halper

Illustration by Rachel Halper.


Here it is again: Got my period meme

You know itā€™s gonna happen and yet it sometimes comes as such a surprise, right?

Menstrual meme about period mood swings


And then everything suddenly makes sense. Illustration by kardatoons.

Meme about getting your period - here it is again

The realization can arise in various ways. Illustration by Danielle Pioli.


Liquids run from just about everywhere:

Meme about being on your period with the blood running while you just want to cry

Illustration by periods got me like.

You canā€™t adult today:


I can't adult today illustration by planet prudence

Illustration by planetprudence.


ā€¦ Because you are hit by the PMS demon:Ā 

Period meme about PMS demon before menstruation

(We havenā€™t been able to identify the source of this illustration, but will update the article once we do).


ā€¦ And yet you manage to keep up the facade:

Back stage you versus front stage you meme about being on period

Illustration by the mean magenta.

ā€¦ When all you actually want to do is:

Leave me alone period meme

Illustration by Bella Maris.

ā€¦ And spend time on all of your other favorite period hobbies:

Illustration about favorite activities while on your period

Illustration by Bella Maris.


Period commercials vs. real life:

Meme about menstruation in advertising commercials versus real life

Illustration by planetprudence.

Meme about people in period commercials versus reality

Ā Illustration by Lainey Molnar.

Meme: Periods in ads versus periods in reality

Illustration by Sasha Tsoy.


Period desires:

Meme about period desires and cravings


Idea by ā€‹ā€‹Rocio Clark.

Period sneezing:

Meme about period sneezing

Meme by period memez.


How about a round of the well-known period game? Always a blast.

The period game meme

Illustration by ChiShu Comics.

(Of course, we recommend playing the period game with a menstrual cup that you wonā€™t even feel and that is much more environmentally friendly than a disposable pad.)

And speaking of menstrual cups ā€¦Ā 

Menstrual cup from Ruby Cup's buy one give one program


Thanks for reading along! Hope you find the selected memes relatable or will share them with someone who will!

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