The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Period Cycle

Do you have period questions, thoughts or concerns? We are here to make your period life easy and share menstruation information.

Menstruation doesnā€™t need to rule your life, there are solutions to problems and answers to questions.

Here we start the menstruation conversation; what it is all about and what that means for you and your daily life. Get to know your body, understand your period and find out a few things they didnā€™t teach in school!


Facts about menstruation

  • Your period (menstruation) is blood passing from your vagina as the lining of your uterus breaks away.
  • Lasts between 2 ā€“ 8 days.
  • Part of the menstrual cycle, which is on average 28 days long.
  • The amount of blood can vary, often you might bleed more during the first days.


Your monthly cycle is made up of a number of stages, so we have put together an easy read menstrual cycleĀ section for all you need to know.

If you have just started your period, or want to know what to expect from your monthly period, have a look at first period.

What is the best way to manage my period?

You have a range of options available to help you manage your menstrual period. Different hygiene solutions will suit your body in different ways. Have a look at the choices out there:

1. MenstrualĀ Products

Sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups are the most common products, favoured as handy and reliable solutions. Pads and tampons absorb your menstrual flow, and are disposable products, menstrual cups collect and can be reused.

2. Menstrual Health

Although handy and healthy when used with care, tampons and pads do contain some chemicals which can cause irritation and dryness. Menstrual cups are chemical-free, maintaining your vaginaā€™s natural balance.

3. Be Aware of Menstrual ProductĀ Pollution

Pads and tampons are disposable and amount to a large quantity of waste over your lifetime. One huge advantage of menstrual cups is how environmentally sound they are. No daily disposal means much less waste.


Take time to find the right product to suit your body and lifestyle; to look at how different products compare and to check out Ruby Cup benefits.

Vagina ā€“ your new best friend

Having the right information helps you to make the right decisions. Itā€™s time you and your vagina got to know each other a littleĀ more.

Your delicate areas really are delicate ā€“ and sensitive to chemicals and bacteria, so pay attention to what feels comfortable. Getting to know your body means recognising when a problem needs sorting. Your period can bring hormonal ups and downs, as well as cramps and pains; our sections on period problemsĀ and PMSĀ or cramps are for concerns or queries.

Here are some solutionsĀ to get ridĀ of period pains:Ā 

1. Exercise

Stretch your muscles, and reenergise. Have a look here, for some great exercise moves.

2. Sex

Believe it or not, itā€™s perfect timing! Make use of your heightened sensitivity and higher libido, and enjoy the results.

3. Orgasm

A little orgasm can go a long way. Make time in your monthly period for G spot or clitoral stimulation, and reap the benefits. Orgasms can relieve muscle cramps and headaches, and flood you with happy hormones.

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