Menstrual Cup & Orgasms

Menstrual Cup & Orgasms

In my very first Ruby Cup blog, I am going to pull back the covers on a few sensual secrets about your menstrual cup and you.

Just in case being a super-healthy, sustainable, and environmentally-conscious product wasnā€™t enough, it turns out your Ruby Cup could be doing wonders for you in a way you least expectedā€¦

As modern women we often have a lot on our minds, a little too much on our plate and a reliable monthly event that likes to shake things up a bit. While there isnā€™t a five-minute-fix for those pains and problems, there are a few ways you can brighten up your day, ease some aches and keep that smile on your face (and it might not take much longer than 5 minutes!)

Using a menstrual cup is a healthy and handy menstruation option for lots of reasons- chemical free, economical, sustainable, oh, and did you know, it can help you orgasm? Yep. You read it right, orgasm. While your menstrual cup is doing itā€™s monthly job it is also doing some cheeky extra things for you and your most delicate areas.

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Hereā€™sĀ how a menstrual cup can help you orgasm:

  1. Chemical free and no absorption means no drying out. You are less likely to suffer from bacterial infections, and your vagina keeps all itā€™s natural lubrication exactly where it is needed most.

  2. The little pushes, squeezes and muscle work you do when inserting or removing your Ruby Cup are not all for nothing. You are exercising the very same, very important muscles that get to work when you achieve orgasm. Now I didnā€™t know what ā€œpelvic floorā€ meant until fairly recently (sounded to me like the upper level of an office building) but actually improving your pelvic floor muscles can give you stronger, more intense orgasms, and I hear itā€™s rather good for all concerned! Give those clever little muscles some exercise and enhance your sexual exploits.

  3. G-spot. Now it isnā€™t a promise, every girl is made unique and different, but, there is sometimes contact between the cup and your G-spot, a lovely union between the cup and your body that can have wild results. When paired with clitoral stimulation, the cup+G-spot contact is giving some lucky ladies earth-shattering, mattress-clutching orgasms. Add small helping of masturbation or foreplay and see what your menstrual cup can do for you!

Orgasm yourself healthy!

Well, I got a bit hot under the collar after reading all this and decided to investigate: what else can this magic cup do? So I have been doing some casual peeking around on the menstruation-web-sphere and found out a few juicy bits of information that I thought you Ruby ladies might like to know. It basically involves the words ORGASMIC and OVERLOAD alongside, MENSTRUAL CUP. My suspicions were confirmed, my menstrual cup is actually a god-send.

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Orgasms. Oh yes, those private or shared moments of exhilaration and euphoria. Little ecstasies that do all kinds of good for our bodies and our minds. Long considered the holy grail of sexual union, women have reclaimed the orgasm and are taking the whole matter into their own hands (sorry!). The topic of female orgasm and masturbation are not shrouded in the same taboo as they were decades ago, and women are standing up (or lying down) for our sexual rights, acknowledging our right as women to indulge in a bit of self-pleasure. The female orgasm topic is slowly being opened up ā€“ fewer crumpled brows and blushing sideways glances ā€“ but it still involves delving into the messy realm of emotions and vaginas, which many are still uncomfortable reading about, never mind discussing. Cosmo tells you how, why, where and when and there are endless blogs, confession sites and masturbation ā€˜how toā€™sā€™, but sadly that doesnā€™t make it a guarantee, and for many it can still be a sought-after and fleeting phenomenon. One thing that helps is knowing your body, as well as respecting what it can do and what it needs.

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Cramps, tiredness and plenty of mixed-up emotions; there is a whole riot of stressful things to overcome during our period, and although sex may be the last thing on your mind, some pleasure can go a long way towards making you feel better. Iā€™m sure I donā€™t need to tell you the benefits to be had from the odd orgasm, but orgasms while menstruating have a few extra bonuses and could remedy a few of those aches, pains and angsts.

When we orgasm we are flooded with more than just physical pleasure, waves of feel-good hormones are released and rush through our bodies, washing away frustrations and easing pains. Studies in the Netherlands have explored the possibility that during orgasm the areas of the brain which manage fear perception and emotion are temporarily suspended ā€“ no wonder there are so many involuntary screams! Those life-loving hormones can act as natural pain relief, with many women finding that the relaxation that follows an orgasm alleviates headaches and eases menstrual cramps. Itā€™s those pelvic floor muscles again ā€“ the muscle contractions can relieve cramps, and the stronger your muscles are, the more intense the pleasure sensation. Orgasm + pain relief, what could be better? Well, actually, according to those G-spot bloggers, throw in a menstrual cup and your mid-menstrual orgasm could really tip you over the edge!

Health, happiness and hormones

To me, it seems that every week there is a new fad, a hip healthy alternative, or a trendy way to feel good; tricks to ā€˜get glorious glowy skin in 3 minutes flatā€™, how-to guides for ā€˜having sex upside-downā€™ or ways to ā€˜eat cake to lose weightā€™ā€™. Yeah. Right. Iā€™ve tried a few and I am not always left overwhelmed, or glowing. I thought being healthy and in-tune with my body wasnā€™t going to be for me, but I was wrong. There are some simple things you can do for yourself to feel good, get in touch with your body and remember how great being a woman really is.

In the last few days alone, I have discovered a load of cheeky ā€˜extrasā€™ that my menstrual cup is doing for me and my body, ORGASMIC OVERLOAD being just one more (very good!) reason to stick on the menstrual cup path.

After stopping by the online discussion boards for the modern woman, earth mother and hippy heroine I am happy to report that there are all kinds of experimentation, feminine discovery and, quite literally, ā€˜orgasmingā€™ going on. Men and women across the globe are sharing ideas, remedies and solutions to menstruation-related problems and young, curious teenagers are finding answers to questions that they didnā€™t feel safe asking face-to-face. It is overwhelming to see, and actually it has given me and all at the Ruby Team a few things to considerā€¦ and try out!

You donā€™t often hear a woman make a declaration of love for her favourite applicator tampon or vow never to stray from the maxi-pad brand stuffed in the zipper pocket of her bag, but all over blogs, forums and web articles I hear and see remarks of true love for menstrual cups worldwide. And now I know why.

Happy orgasms, ladies!

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