5 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Personal Hygiene

From plastic-free packagingĀ products to more reusable options,Ā there are so many ways to take care of both your body and the environment. A lot ofĀ companies are dedicated to sustainable practicesĀ and changing the way we consume their products. Most feminineĀ hygiene products contain unnecessary bulky plastics and chemicals that are toxic toĀ the environment, even sometimes bad for our bodies. Things like chlorine-bleached tampons or antiperspirants can have a negative impact on our health.Ā 

It doesnā€™t take much effort to be more conscious about the ways in which we can reduce waste in personal hygiene. They truly are small lifestyle changes that can have a big impact on the environment. For starters, you donā€™t need a lot of money to make your personal care more sustainable. In fact, making the switch to a longer-lasting product or making your own can save you lots of money over the long haul. Letā€™s start with the basics. Weā€™ve gathered simple ways you can reduce your waste without raising your budget.



5 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Personal Hygiene

1. ToothbrushesĀ 

Cut out the plastics. Stay clear of productsĀ like plastic toothbrushes that will never really decompose in landfills.Ā You canĀ switch to biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes instead. They are extremely affordable and can be repurposed in so many creative ways. Remove the nylon bristles and turn it into a seedling marker in your garden.

2. Plastic Free Packaging

BuyĀ shampoos, conditioners and soaps without the plastic packaging. The ones atĀ LushĀ are great because they offer ā€œnaked productsā€ and only use recycled materials when necessary. You can buy reusable tin containers to store the soap bars andĀ deodorant sticks. You can also find toothpaste tablets free of the tube. For packaging-free groceries and zero-waste household items, check out your local packaging-free supermarkets. Here's a list of those thatĀ stock Ruby Cups.Ā 

3.Ā Razors

When it comes to shaving, non-plastic Safety Razors can last a long time and are better for the environment. Using them costs a pretty penny upfront but theyĀ end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Try completely dryingĀ the blade after each shave so they canĀ last even longer. Electric razors are another alternative!Ā 

4. Make Your Own

DIY lip balm, deodorants, and lotions are a great way to reuse old containers! The aluminium that comes in almost allĀ antiperspirant deodorants is very toxic to the body. You can try making a batch of aluminium- free deodorant with this simple recipeĀ or try with this step-by-step guide.Ā This is a great way to use chemical-free products and regulateĀ whatĀ gets put inside the body allĀ while protecting against odors.

5. Menstrual CupsĀ 

Ruby Cup and the environment are best friends. Menstrual cups are made for anyone who menstruates and they are the most sustainable (and incredible!) product to manage periods.

Ruby Cup period cups in all colors

Plastic applicators and disposable packaging generate so much waste each year. Using a period cup for just one yearĀ avoids 200 pads or tampons from landing in the trash - or even worse, our oceans.Ā 

Even more sustainable options like reusable pads over a long period of time can have a worse impact and cause more waste than menstrual cups.

Find the bestĀ sizeĀ menstrual cup for youĀ and make the switch today! Take control of your body and what goes inside it.


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