Ruby Cup for Menstrual Hygiene Day: Normal Period or Something Else?

Ruby Cup for Menstrual Hygiene Day: Normal Period or Something Else?

Did you know there is a day dedicated to menstrual health? While periods are often a taboo, over 800 Million people menstruate all around the world, making periods one of the most common and natural human experiences. Learning more about it and understanding whatā€™s normal and what could be an indicator of underlying issues and conditions is fundamental.

What is World Menstrual Hygiene Day?

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to menstrual health? World Menstrual Hygiene Day is an annual awareness day on May 28th and it was initiated by WASH United, a non-profit organization based in Berlin. The day's purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene management (MHM) globally.

But how do you find reliable sources to learn more about your body? For this occasion, we at Ruby Cup decided to do our part and raise awareness about what to expect from your cycle and what to do when irregularities occur because let's face it, ladies, period pain is pretty much a rite of passage. We all know that dull ache or those grab-your-hot-water-bottle cramps. But how do you know when it's just a normal period thing and when it's time to call the doc?

Are Periods Cramps Normal?

Our uterus is basically doing a muscle workout every month, shedding its lining, and getting ready for a possible baby party. Those contractions can definitely cause some cramping in your lower belly, sometimes shooting down to your back and thighs. It's totally normal, and there are tons of tricks to deal with itā€“ hello, heating pads and cozy nights in!

Period cramps

But When Does it Get Serious?

Period cramps, although annoying, are generally normal, but itā€™s important to know when the pain might be a sign of something else going on down there. Here's when you might want to ditch the hot water bottle and head to the doctor:

* Extraordinary Pain: If your cramps are seriously bad, way worse than usual, and nothing seems to touch them (not even your strongest pain meds), it's time to see a doctor.
* Period Gone Rogue:
Notice your periods are getting way heavier, more painful, or just showing up whenever they want? Not cool. Get it checked out!
* Pain During "Those" Activities:
Cramps are one thing, but if you're having pain during sex, peeing, or pooping along with your period, that could be a different issue altogether.
* Surprise! You're Bleeding Between Periods:
Yeah, this isn't normal. Schedule a doctor's appointment, stat.


      Irregular Bleeding and Period Pains?

      Sometimes, there might be a reason your period pain is a nightmare. Here are some culprits:

      * Endo and Adeno, the Party Crashers: These terms sound fancy, but basically, they mean that womb tissue is growing where it shouldn't be (endo) or inside the muscle wall of your uterus (adeno). Not comfy, and they can cause some serious period pain.
      * Fibroids, the Unwanted Guests: These are non-cancerous growths in your uterus that can make your periods heavier and crampier. Thanks, but no thanks.
      * Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), the Infection: This is an infection of your reproductive organs and can cause pain, including during your period. Yikes!


        The Period Cup: A Potential Game Changer

        Now, let's talk about a product that might be a game-changer for some ladies: the menstrual cup. A recent study showed that out of 124 women who were asked to switch from pads/tampons to a menstrual cup, the vast majority rated the cup significantly better for comfort, quality, and overall period experience. They were also more likely to keep using the cup, recommend it to others, and buy it again in the future.

        Ruby Cup menstrual cup

        Nonetheless, not all MCs are the same! Ruby Cup is made entirely of silicone, which compared to others made with plastic, retains no bacteria.Ā Ā 

        What are you waiting for?? Get yours now here! Choosing to buy a cup with us helps fight period poverty, as with every Ruby Cup purchase, weā€™ll make sure to donate one to women with fewer opportunities!Ā 

        Learn more about period poverty here!

        Is a cup right for you?

        If you're dealing with severe pain or think you might have an underlying condition, a doctor's visit is always the first step. However, if you're experiencing normal cramps and are open to trying something new, a cup is the right choice! Just remember, there's a learning curve! Finding the right size and figuring out insertion can take some practice.

        Find out more about sizes and how to use them in our dedicated section!Ā 

        Remember, ladies, your period shouldn't be a total nightmare.

        By knowing what's normal and what's not, you can take charge of your menstrual health and get the help you need when things get rough. And hey, maybe a period cup will be your new BFF!

        This is not a medically reviewed article and you should always reach out to a doctor if you have any doubts!

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