Eat Love Move with Ruby Cup: Amaia Arranz's Journey from Period Shame to Combatting Period Poverty with Ruby Cup

Eat Love Move with Ruby Cup: Amaia Arranz's Journey from Period Shame to Combatting Period Poverty with Ruby Cup

In the latest episode of "Period Story," I had the privilege of sitting down with Amaia Arranz, the formidable CEO of Ruby Cup, a socially conscious enterprise fighting against period poverty worldwide. Amaia generously shared her journey of navigating menstruation as a teenage girl in Spain during the '90s, unravelling the complexities of societal perceptions and personal emotions attached to this natural phenomenon.

Amaia vividly recounts her early experiences, portraying a unique blend of emotions ā€“ a sense of belonging to what she describes as a "VIP cool girl club," juxtaposed with an overwhelming dose of shame. This revelation sets the stage for a profound exploration of the societal dichotomies surrounding menstruation during adolescence.

The podcast delves into the myths that Amaia encountered growing up, specifically around tampons, virginity, and sex. With unwavering candour, she seeks to dispel these myths, promoting a more transparent and enlightened conversation about menstrual health. It's a crucial step towards breaking down taboos that have long shrouded this natural aspect of women's lives.

A significant portion of the episode is dedicated to menstrual cups, as Amaia demystifies their usage and highlights their empowering nature. She takes the audience through a step-by-step guide, encouraging women to embrace a shift from conventional products. This segment not only educates but also empowers, encouraging listeners to consider alternatives that align with their bodies and beliefs.

At the core of Ruby Cup's mission lies a commitment to social impact. Amaia passionately discusses the innovative buy one, give one model, where the purchase of a cup results in another being donated to those in need. Ruby Cup collaborates with NGOs to provide menstrual education and create conditions, including access to clean water, for safe cup usage. The organization's dedication to addressing period poverty is truly commendable.

Amaia's philosophy towards menstruation is both refreshing and empowering. She encourages listeners to confront the impending wave of their periods, allowing room for anger and frustration but ultimately advocating for acceptance. Her perspective invites women to view this natural cycle as an opportunity for self-care ā€“ a few quiet days with a blanket, movies, and a generous bar of chocolate.

In conclusion, this episode of "Period Story" is more than just a conversation about menstruation; it's a journey through the life experiences of Amaia Arranz. From teenage apprehensions to leading a global initiative against period poverty, Amaia's story is both inspirational and informative. "Period Story" continues to be a platform where remarkable individuals share their stories, contributing to a more open and informed dialogue surrounding menstrual health.


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