How Do People Manage Their Period During Ramadan?

How Do People Manage Their Period During Ramadan?

There are many traditions in most religious spaces with regard to women and menstruation. When it comes to fasting during Ramadan, things like menstruation, pregnancy and breast feeding have a few rules.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a period of fasting during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Since it is a blessed month, it is required that you abstain from eating, drinking, and other habits. Not all Muslims fast and, in fact, some Muslims choose which days of Ramadan that they will fast and which days they will not.

Menstruation and Fasting

According to the Qur’an, Muslim people with periods are required to take a break from fasting during their menses. One common misconception is that Muslim women must be silent about the status of their period during Ramadan. Actually, it is not uncommon for them to be open about their fasting break and enjoy it too. Fasting isn’t easy, especially while on your period. You don’t have to fight through your period cravings, and the same thing goes for pregnancy and breastfeeding! All those cravings can be indulged. Women can make up the missed days of fasting at a later time. As this article explains, women still gain the same blessings from Ramadan as men.  

How People Deal With Their Period During Ramadan

The great thing about people having their periods during Ramadan, is that they can manage their period just the same as they would do any other month of the year. This would be difficult during fasting since you are limited to what you eat and drink. It’s important to stay hydrated and well nourished during your period… okay and eating all the chocolate you want too!

Radio producer, Anisa Subedar, quotes:

“I don’t fast when I’m on my period because God understands how dreadful I’m going to feel and how all I want to do is bury my face in a plate of doughnuts.”

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