Can virgins use tampons or menstrual cups?

First things first, let’s bust this myth about hymens as a proof of your virginity:

It’s all about the hymen

Like the video showed, our society and thinking is infested by misconceptions about this little membrane. The hymen is a thin, elastic membrane that surrounds or partially covers the opening of the vagina – with an opening to allow menstrual blood to pass out of your body. The hymen does not get ‘broken’ or ‘popped’ but it does stretch throughout your lifetime through masturbation, penetrative sex and using a menstrual cup. The hymen can even be stretched or torn by doing active sports.

It’s really important to know that just because your hymen is stretched or torn, does not mean you have lost your virginity.

You can lose your virginity ONYL through having sexual intercourse.

If you have never been sexually active you can still use a tampon or a menstrual cup because your hymen will stretch. And if it does “break”, then that doesn’t mean you lost your virginity. That will only happen during sexual intercourse.


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