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Ruby Cup

Ruby Cup is a high-quality menstrual cup for people with periods who want to switch to a healthier, more sustainable and eco-friendly female hygiene product while saving money, the environment and helping a girl in Africa stay in school.

Ruby Cup

The key benefits



100% medical grade silicone, free from toxins, bleaches and perfumes.



Not only can you wear Ruby Cup for up to 12 hours but you can also use it for up to 10 years. This means you cut out on about 12.000 tampons.



Save yourself some money! One Ruby Cup costs 28.95 EUR and lasts 10 years. This means that your expense on sanitary products is reduced to 0,24 EUR a month. Switch to Ruby Cup and enjoy all the extra cash.


Life changing

When you purchase a Ruby Cup online, you automatically donate a cup to a girl in East Africa.

Recommended by

Kerstin Davies recommends Ruby Cup

“Ruby Cup is incredible. It is very easy to use and so comfortable you won’t even feel it. When your flow is light you only need to change it once a day, and you can wear it all night with no leaks – it is safe and reliable. All in all Ruby Cup is a highly recommendable product.”
Dr. Kerstin Davies (GP)

Jasmine Irving and her review on the menstrual cup Ruby Cup

“They’re perfect for traveling, I used mine on a camping trip and a hike in the mountains as well as a normal day at work. I can’t imagine going back to tampons or pads and have found that using the cups has improved my experience of menstruation.”
Jasmine Irving, Blogger at Huffington Post

Give a girl an education

85% of girls that receive a Ruby Cup improve their academic performance. “After I get my menstrual cup, now I can dance, run, play netball and stay free in the classroom. Not like before because I feared a lot if people knew that I was on my period.” (Mwika Secondary School, Tanzania)

Her Ruby Cup made her stop skipping school

How to use a menstrual cup

Let Mika explain it to you in 2 minutes:

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