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Period Pants: Everything You Need To Know

Why are period pants good?

If youā€™ve heard of period pants, youā€™re likely wondering what all the hype is about and why!

Did you know that a single sanitary pad can contain the equivalent of about four plastic bags? The plastic components inside your everyday pads are single use and non-biodegradable, resulting in a lasting environmental impact from every single pad. Tampons also contain synthetic materials and contribute to the plastic waste stream, as well as disrupting your natural moisture balance.

Introducing the planet friendly alternative, the humble period panty.

Ruby Life Period UnderwearWhat are Period Pants?

If youā€™re new to the period panties game, allow us to help fill you in. Our Flow Freedom line of period pants are essentially like your normal everyday underwear, but with a special integrated absorbent gusset for you to wear when youā€™re menstruating. The pants include a specially designed absorbent inner layer which acts just like a sanitary pad would, by soaking up the blood and keeping you safe from leaks.
Weā€™ve designed our range of panties from buttery-soft and breathable material, with the addition of Spandex to ensure that they fit snugly without digging in and avoid the dreaded VPL, even on days when you might feel bloated.
The magic here is that period panties are endlessly reusable - just pop them in the wash at the end of the day and theyā€™re good to go again and again. They also have the added bonus of not being able to slip out of place like a pad would, no nasty sticky tabs and absolutely NO plastic waste.

How do period pants work?

So do period pants really work? If youā€™ve never used them before, you might be wondering how exactly period pants work and how you can expect them to compare to other sanitary products.

Each pair of our period panties has the capacity to absorb up to 50ml, which is equal to the capacity of three tampons. The blood is absorbed and locked away by the enhanced inner layers, leaving the top layer feeling dry and comfortable.

The absorbent section inside our panties goes all the way up to the very top at the back, giving far more protection than a pad would, so youā€™re safe to sleep soundly in them without any leaks.

Period pants also work as a great backup method if youā€™re using our Ruby Cup and want some extra protection, or to bookend your period when the flow isnā€™t heavy enough to use a cup.

They also arenā€™t just for periods, they are great at absorbing other kinds of leaks such as urine and discharge.

So any time you might previously have used a pad, you can safely switch to period panties and expect the same results, with better protection and a much more comfortable and planet-friendly experience.

Ruby Life Period Underwear

How to wash period pants

So you might be wondering what happens with the panties once youā€™ve worn them and theyā€™ve absorbed all of the menstrual bleeding, how do they become reusable? Once you reach the end of the day and youā€™re ready to take them off, the panties can be washed to clean away the absorbed blood and they are good to rewear again.

When you take them off, the pants can be rinsed under a stream of cold water until the water runs clear. Then use a gentle detergent and a cool hand wash to clean and refresh the fabric, hang them up to dry and theyā€™re good to use again every month. Just avoid using any harsh chemicals or fabric softener on them, and make sure to air dry them rather than using the tumble dryer.

How long can you wear period pants for?

The amount of time for which you can wear your period pants will greatly depend on your flow and where you are at in your cycle. The pants can absorb the equivalent of three tampons until they need to be changed. If you have a heavy flow you may want to change them more frequently for peace of mind, and pop the used pair in a sealed bag if youā€™re out and about. If you have a medium to lighter flow, are at the start or end of your cycle or are using them as a backup method for a cup, then you can likely safely wear the pants all day without worrying and swap for a fresh pair at night.

So do period pants really work?

The answer is yes! Our freedom flow collection has been designed to give the ultimate peace of mind and enhanced protection. Experience the difference period panties will make in your life ā€“ secure, comfortable, and planet-friendly.

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