Letters From Girls

Letters From Girls

Making the choice to buy a Ruby Cup isn’t just life changing for you. Thanks to the Buy One, Give One programme, it’s also life changing for a girl in a developing country.

We save the letters we get from these girls. Here are just a few of them, so you can see the difference your cup donation will make.

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Your support helped them to become Champions of Menstruation! Read about the big difference the little cup is making in our annual impact reports. We’re also humbled to be able to share direct feedback from teachers of the schools our partner organisations have visited as well as notes the girls left with trainers.

More girls are graduating thanks to your donations

A Ruby Cup helps a girl have 10 years of worry-free periods and walk to school with confidence, every day of the month. With a Ruby Cup she can go from primary school, through secondary school and finish college without ever having to worry about her period.

During our mandatory follow-up visits we often get to speak to teachers from schools that a Ruby Cup Trainer or one of our partner organisations has visited. In Magare Secondary School, for instance, a teacher had great news for us:

Before the Golden Girls Foundation started their mentorship programme, only 4 of the 20 girls that started school graduated. In 2016, there were 11 girls who proudly graduated.

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