Period Tracking Apps Compared

There’s just about an app for anything these days and that definitely means period calendar apps that have the ability to track your menstrual cycle. Up until recently, women have been tracking their periods manually by “X” marking their calendars every month. If you’re as forgetful as I am, this can be a pain in the ass. Always remembering to record and count the days from the start of your period can be stressful and time consuming.

Period tracker apps are super useful because they take away all the work that comes with tracking and expecting your period. No more forgetting what day your menstrual cycle will start! Not only can you track your period, you can also know when your fertility window is open if you are trying to get pregnant or just want to be more prepared. You can log in your moods for a better understanding of when you might be experiencing PMS and so many other convenient things!

Whether your period is regular or irregular, many apps can adjust to your unique cycle and give more accurate results as you log your monthly information. You do not need to worry about your information being read by others.

Why health apps are safe and private:

  • Nearly all health apps can be locked with a passcode giving only you complete access to them
  • Many apps have backup features if your cell phone is lost or stolen so you don’t need to worry about misplacing your period calendar and losing all your information

There are so many ways you can personalize your period calendar to fit your needs. We’ve gathered the best features about the top period tracker apps on the market.

Period Tracking Apps Review

Clue: If you’re looking for minimalist and modern, this is your period tracking app. What’s great about this app is that it adapts to your cycle as you continuously log your information. This is helpful for the ladies with irregular periods! There are no flashy pink colors and design. Clue also has a passcode feature so you can keep your personal information secure and private. Since the design is simple, there are not as many mood options for PMS so you have to input them manually.

Period Tracker (Lite & Deluxe): Period Tracker is definitely one of the popular menstruation apps on the market. With many pictures and emoticons, the app lets you log the intensity of your period flow, write notes, and update your mood so you can keep track of your cycle. It even lets you enable or disable certain features like ovulation and sexual activity which makes it completely personalized! There are two versions of this app in the app store. The big difference between the Lite and Deluxe versions is the constant ads that appear in Lite. Upgrading to Deluxe might be the better option.

Life: Life also has a nice, sleek interface. Life is great because there are many options for different types of symptoms and moods. The monthly calendar display is uncluttered and easy to use. There’s even health and fitness sections to input workouts and important health exams in your calendar. What’s amazing is that this app comes in 13 languages! The downside is that unless you upgrade to Life Premium, you’ll have access to limited features and be pestered with unwanted ads.

Apple Period Tracker: Apple forgot to add one big element to their new Health app available on iPhone. You can track the number of steps you take per day or input your medical conditions and sleep cycle. But wait one second. Period tracking and reproductive health are not on it! However, they just announced that it will be releasing a reproductive health feature to their new Health app on iPhone but it won’t be available until the Fall with the release of iOS 9. It is unclear if you can track your period and fertility the same way you can with the other apps. Will the design be basic and minimal or colorful and personalized? In any case, it’s about time women’s health is recognized by the technology world, considering we take up half the population.

How to Calculate your Period without an App:

If you prefer doing things the old-fashioned way, you can map your period using a simple Period Calculator. By recording your cycle you can count the days of your last period to get a better feel for when to expect your next one.