food that can relieve period symptoms.

4 Summer Foods That Are Known To Be Awesome For Your Period

One of the things we love most about summer is the lovely selection of fresh fruits. They will not only make as a great snack for a hot summer day, they’ll also be awesome for your period. Period super food, so to speak.

Why it matters what you eat during your period

The food you decide to eat during your period can influence the way you experience it. Certain foods may help relieve you from common period symptoms such as bloating, mood swings or nervousness. Especially when it’s really hot outside, you might not feel like drinking an anti-inflammatory ginger tea. But there is a big selection of fruits, that can help alleviate some of the typical period discomforts.

Apart from being refreshing, healthy and delicious, you can also feel your body say “thank you” when you feed it right. Here’s a list of 4 summer foods you should include in your diet the days before and during your period. Dig in and feel better :)

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Papaya & Watermelon

Watermelons are a great option if you feel bloated, especially the days before your period. Add some raw papaya to stimulate the estrogen production, and it will help break down the uterine lining. This is really helpful if you want to induce a period or regulate irregular periods –  but be aware as the papaya can increase your flow, just like pineapples.


Bananas are famous for being rich in potassium and Vitamin B6. They help not only with bowel movement and digestions, but also boost your mood. A banana a day keeps PMS and mood swings away.


The calcium in oranges help reduce anxiousness. The fresh smell of the orange peel and the Vitamin D inside the orange also help  lighten your mood if you feel beaten or low on energy.




They should become your favourite period snacking option. Rich in fibre and protein, almonds help you regulate your blood sugar and maintain craving levels low. The next time you yearn for biscuits, try having some almonds first and finish off with just one or two cookies or chocolate pieces – you will feel more satisfied and less full and bloated.

You can also try making your own almond butter and add it on pieces of fruit such as a slice of pear or apple. Here’s how to make almond butter:

  1. Take 2-3 cups of almonds and spread them on a tray with baking paper
  2. Heat them in the oven for 10-15 minutes until they are cosy warm
  3. Add them to your blender and start processing for 10-20 minutes until the texture is nice and smooth.

Get the detailed recipe by Detoxinista here.

It’s not just about what you eat during your period

There is much more period self-care you can do than just eating healthy during your period. Try adding some gentle exercise, like walking or do some relaxing yoga poses if you feel unwell during or before your period. Also, remember to opt in for a healthy and comfortable menstrual product like a Ruby Cup (if you haven’t already ;) ), it might just be the change you need to get a positive period experience.

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Also, remember to be kind to yourself. Slow down a little if necessary. Your body needs more rest and sleep during your menstruation, so try to listen to your body by making room for its needs and treat yourself with some extra hours of sleep.


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