How your donation helps

Ruby Cup Field Work in East Afrika. Providing girls in slums with menstrual cups to keep them in school

When a Ruby Cup is purchased in our online store, we donate another one to a school girl in Africa. A Ruby Cup helps her to stay in school and relieves her from the economic burden of buying tampons and pads that she can’t afford or simply do not have access to. Paired with education, it empowers her, gives her self-confidence and opportunities.

Education and Ruby Cup

The distribution of Ruby Cups is always paired with an obligatory educational session. We select our partners very carefully to ensure that they can provide all necessary resources for this session and the necessary follow-ups for a sustainable and successful programme.

The Ruby Cup Buy One, Give One Programme

The different steps of training sessions and follow-ups with our partners:

Teaching female anatomy and menstrual hygiene management in Mathare Kenya menstrualcup ruby cup femme internationalFemme International Feminine Health Management Workshop in Kenya.

Explaining & visualizing the female anatomy

One of the fundamental parts of our mission is to provide education on basic knowledge on female reproductive health and menstrual hygiene. Many girls don’t know what menstruation is, why they bleed or how the female anatomy works.

Femme International Ruby Cup Education Material for girls in Africa Menstrual Cup The Femme International booklet about female anatomy and menstrual hygiene management. 

That is why at the beginning of each session the girls are promised that the next two hours will be a safe space. They are assured that there are no stupid questions and that they can ask anything that is on their mind.

Eliminating wrong and harmful beliefs

Many girls are already sexually active and early pregnancies are not uncommon. There are a lot of myths about how to avoid pregnancy and measures to take, if it does happen.

Amongst other, it’s a common belief that drinking a coke before having sex will prevent her from becoming pregnant. Or, once pregnant, drinking washing soap or taking 60 painkillers will induce a miscarriage and solve the “problem”.

what girls in Africa believe to be true about abortions and, Kenya

Also, they are warned about unsafe abortions and are presented with the harsh consequences of illegal abortion “clinics”, which in some cases results in the girl not surviving the procedure.

Early pregnancy is what preoccupies the girls most as the worst consequence of having unprotected sex. They often do not consider STDs as a threat to their health, education or future. In this class, they are confronted with the consequences of having unprotected sex and learn about STD’s.


The Ruby Cup Distribution

Girls see a menstrual cup for the first time Ruby Cup Femme International©Femme International

How to Insert a Ruby CUp This is the part where most of the girls see a menstrual cup for the first time. They are taught how to use it, clean and care for their Ruby Cup, paired with the importance of maintaining personal hygiene during their period. The session is kept interactive and they are encouraged to ask questions on any doubts they might have.

Sustainability: Follow Ups and Ongoing Support

The first training and distribution is only the initial part of a successful programme. Once the girls start using Ruby Cup, many questions will arise and it is crucial that they receive ongoing support. This happens in the form of visits to the schools after some months of use. Additional support can be, for example, a hotline number they can call or female mentors (mothers or teachers) connected to the school, they can go to for help.

Moreover, when the girls in a school or the community become comfortable using Ruby Cup, peer to peer education happens. This means that the ‘lead user’ girls will educate, support and train the more insecure users or younger girls in the school.


“When you empower a girl,

you empower a community”


Ruby Cup Field WOrk Social Mission Buy One Give One Menstrual Cup

We truly believe that educating girls, providing them with Ruby Cups and giving them the necessary ongoing support is what creates a real impact in their lives and therefore also a long term impact on the society they live in.

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