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  1. No girl should be held back by her period! That’s why I’m proud to support Ruby Cup’s #Buy1Give2 Campaign! Every @rubycup sold in May will donate two #menstrualcups to someone without access to safe period products. Read why it matters:
  2. If you’re thinking of switching to a #menstrualcup, check out @rubycup. For every Ruby Cup sold in May, they will donate two cups to a girl without access to safe period products. Join the #Buy1Give2 campaign here:
  3. Have you heard that @rubycup is doubling all donations in May? Your purchase, which normally includes another Ruby Cup for a girl without access to safe period products, will now donate TWO cups. Support the campaign:
  4. A shoutout to Ruby Cup’s #Buy1Give2 campaign: for the entire month of May @rubycup is doubling up every donation so that more girls and women can have worry-free and safe periods with a Ruby Cup. Join me in supporting the campaign here:
  5. This one is more than just a #menstrualcup. When you buy a @rubycup in May, your purchase includes TWO further cups which are supplied to young women in a place where decent period products are hard to come by. Help end #PeriodPoverty:
  6. Access to period products is not a given for many young women. That’s why I champion campaigns like the #Buy1Give2 campaign by @rubycup: Every #menstrualcup sold in May 2 cups go to someone who struggles to afford period products. Join me:

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve gathered some of our favourite photos from the field so that you can help us tell the story of how menstrual cups are transforming lives.

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We've created these this Instagram story templates to help you raise awareness of our sisters worldwide who can't afford period products.

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The easiest way to share our videos is directly from our YouTube channel or by sharing one of the videos below. However, if you need a hard copy, you can download one here.

Hear from five of our partners that are empowering women and girls to manage their periods with dignity.

Sabrina Rubli, Director of Femme International

Ruth Asan, co-founder of Sawa

Rachel Ouku, Femme International Program Coordinator

Luciana Koske, deputy director of the Dreams Program

Chiki Kuruka, co-founder of Sawa

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