Ruby Cup in Wamba

Until this date, we have only been introducing Ruby Cups in urban areas around Nairobi. However, the real challenge lies in investigating feasibility and likeability of Ruby Cups in rural areas. Again, the contact to a women’s group in Wamba came in very handy and we were able to provide Ruby Cups to three school girls at Wamba primary school, Samburo. The girls have been monitored closely by teacher Caroline and are all satisfied with Ruby Cup. Today, their classmates are eager and want to have Ruby Cup as well.  One of the head teachers, Barack Okoth, expressed his gratitude:

“I find the Ruby Cup idea so nice. It will go a long way towards helping our girls. It will reduce incidences of absenteeism from school brought about by shame becauce of menstrual hygiene. Thanks a lot!” Felister, 14 years, of the Wamba Primary School received a Ruby Cup