Kann mein Ruby Cup in mir verloren gehen?

Menstruation causes discomfort and even panic in some girls and women. Here's an example: You're in the mood for biscuits, but all the supermarkets are too close to the nearest gas station. If you just want to crawl up in bed curled up to watch your favorite show, your internet will stop working.

That sounds really bad? Seriously. What scares many girls and women is the following question: Can a Ruby Cup or tampon disappear into my body, so that I can not get it out without help?

Ok, let's take a look at this fear and imagine the following scenario. We want to take out and empty our Ruby Cup, but it's gone. Adios! Bye! Without a trace disappeared ... We are used to the fact that sometimes one or the other man has disappeared, as well as the chocolate in the kitchen, or even money. But Ruby Cups?!?

Myth or reality?

The myth is quite widespread and linked to the idea that Menstrual Cups slide deep into the body and that they can only be retrieved with the help of a doctor. The result is that many women do not even dare to give it a try. So it seems like it's really time for a little biology excursion ...

Virginity vs. virginity Tampons & Menstrual Cups. See how we dissolve this myth!


Now listen carefully: Menstrual cups can not be lost or disappear into your body. This is simply impossible anatomically!

The reason is quite simple. Your cervix forms a kind of barrier between your uterus and your vagina. If you are not giving birth to a child, nothing can go through this barrier. Vaginas are not black holes ... The fear is completely unfounded and at most material for a bad horror movie. If you want to read more, just click here .