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On this page, we'll briefly tell you how best to store and clean your Ruby Cup.

Clean Ruby Cup

To thoroughly clean Ruby Cup, cook Ruby Cup in clear water for five minutes at the end of your period. Especially suitable for this is the Ruby Clean , with which you can simply boil Ruby Cup in the microwave or in the oven.

If you boil Ruby Cup in a saucepan, make sure the water does not evaporate, so Ruby Cup does not start to melt in the pot.

Tip!  To prevent discolouration, you should thoroughly clean your Ruby Cup with water, paying particular attention to the small air holes and the lettering (you can use a toothbrush, for example). If your Ruby Cup discolors over time, just put your Ruby Cup in a bit of lemon and (if available) in the sun, this will bleach the material. More about cleaning in our FAQs.

Clean with the Ruby Clean

The Ruby Clean  is a fantastic solution to clean Ruby Cup. Simply place the Ruby Cup in the beaker, cover with water and boil in the microwave or in the oven. Here's more on the correct use of Ruby Clean.

Did you have a vaginal fungus or an infection? So you cleanse your menstrual cup

Sheath fungi are not uncommon and can occur for many reasons, and that's why we often get asked if the menstrual cup can continue to be used or replaced.

You can continue to wear your Ruby Cup during a vaginal thrush because it protects the pH of your vagina and does not "annoy" the disturbed flora any more. You do not need to replace your menstrual cup even after the vaginal yeast infection, but you should definitely disinfect it more thoroughly. Here, gynecologist dr. med. Dorothee Struck summarized in a blog post how the cleaning of the menstrual cup after a vaginal fungus or an infection must happen.


Put your Ruby Cup between your days in the appropriate Ruby cloth sacks. This is made of hygienic, breathable cotton and guarantees you a clean storage. Under no circumstances should your menstrual cup be stored in an airtight container (such as a plastic box) as Ruby Cup will not "breathe" and eventually form bacteria.


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