Ruby Cup’s Team Retreat 2019: Growing stronger together

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Did you know that the past year our team has doubled in size? Five amazing new team members have joined Ruby Cup in Barcelona and Kenya, so we decided to get everyone together for our annual team retreat.

With our new team members on board, we’ve been working non-stop to grow and improve your experience with Ruby Cup. We’ve launched collaborations with several new partnerships in East Africa for Ruby Cup donations that you’ll hear more about in our monthly social impact update - coming soon in your inbox! Not signed up? You can join our newsletter at the bottom of the page to make sure you hear all our news and campaigns.

Team building and bonding

The Ruby Cup team is spread around the globe with colleagues in Barcelona, Kenya, Madrid, and the UK. We value flexibility highly: Everyone’s responsible for their own working hours and can choose to work from home sometimes. We’ve found that this helps to avoid stress in a fast-paced working environment and lets everyone plan their own day and be more productive. That said, there’s no such thing as getting everyone together to get to know each other face to face and be together as a team.

We spent two days surrounded by nature packed with different workshops and games (and some wine tasting), which revealed a highly dedicated team but some loose ends in our remote communication. Not uncommon for a fast-growing team like ours and we’re grateful for spending this time together, which made it clear to us what we have to improve.

Final Workshop on Belonging

The last day we spent with Isabel Collins from Belonging Space.

Isabel facilitated an intense full-day workshop, where we tuned into deep thoughts and valuable reflections about what we want for Ruby Cup in the future, how we can reach the sky and reflecting on what we don’t want - our boundaries.

“Isabel asked us to reflect on what we’re most proud about with Ruby Cup and my answer was the people; the team, our partners, the girls we support. I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by so much dedication and strength to continue our fight against period poverty,” says Julie, Ruby Cup’s Co-founder and CEO.

Filled to the brim with new energy, ideas and a beautiful team spirit, we’re ready to put our newly recharged batteries straight to work.

Until next year’s team days!

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