Sex During Periods: Ride That Crimson Wave

New Year, New Period!

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Author: Heather Pringle

I’ll just get straight down to it. Sex during your period is safe, hot and really not as gross as you might think. Forget your fears; riding that crimson wave can give you the most intense sex session of the whole month, (sex that is well worth washing your sheets for). In fact, it is so good that I want you to try it, so I have put together five tried and tested tips to give you perfect period sex.

Period sex is actually bloody sexy (he thinks so too)

It can even be the best sex you ever have. No joke. I wouldn’t usually toss around a big word like ‘sexy’, but the combination of raging hormones and free-flowing lubrication can make for intense sex that really isn’t quite the murder scene you imagine.

Before I took the plunge and tried messy (really, not that messy) sex for myself, I did think it was rather a waste of a week. Not saying I was against the baggy pants and guilt-free binge sessions, but it was a week of high libido that was getting buried down the back of the sofa along with half a pack of stale biscuits, and that always seemed a bit lame.

So, one particularly restless afternoon I threw caution to the wind, threw my tampon in the bin (these were the days prior to my menstrual cup discovery) and I broached the topic with a male partner. And that was that. It turns out men are actually not as grossed out as you expect. Vaginas are pretty darn exciting to them at any time of the month, and for many men period sex is a forbidden pleasure that sends them wild with a childish notion of rule-breaking. It isn’t for everyone, but I do believe it should be for everyone, at least once. Too many women I have spoken to simply rule out sex while on their period, assuming it would be a huge turn-off for their other half, or claiming they feel so bloated and lethargic mid-period that ‘foreplay’ becomes as much of a dirty word as ‘housework’, and they just don’t feel up for it. Well, whip off those sweats and give it a go, it could turn your period life upside down, and will at least count as 30 mins of exercise. Perfect. Pass the Ben & Jerrys.

5 Tips for perfect period sex:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Prep. If you are feeling a bit nervous, or concerned about your egyptian cotton sheets, then preparation is important. To avoid making any mess lay down a towel before you get started – to protect your bedding.

  1. Missionary position. Do it old school. Having sex while lying on your back or side is the best way to minimise blood flow. Girl on top along with a helping hand from gravity can make for slightly messier fun. Try out a few positions to see what suits you and your flow.

  1. Sex in the shower is made for situations like these. Getting down to it in the shower is the best way for mess-free sex. The hot water keeps you clean, and the change of location mixes it up for an all-round steamy session. (You can also enjoy the added bonus of feeling like you are starring in a low budget porn movie. No? Just me then).

  1. Keep tissues handy for after. Do a quick clean up session from your bedside table.

  1. Stay safe. It’s time that big fat period pregnancy myth was put to bed. You can get pregnant at any time of the month, including when you are on your period. It is less likely, but still possible, so stay safe and use contraception. Using a condom can also be a mess-free solution, roll off the mess in one quick move!

It’s a bleeding shame

Still not convinced? Sex on your period means bleeding during sex. I understand why you might hesitate. Periods are embarrassing, awkward and supposed to be private, right? Wrong. I know I am not alone in having buried a few painful schoolgirl memories. I reluctantly recall memories of flying sanitary pads wedged between textbooks that soared across the classroom at the start of a Maths lesson (actually happened), and I remember quite clearly the fear of being exposed during that one week when a group of trouser tugging boys terrorized the school – students and teachers alike. They left a trail of smart trousers around ankles everywhere they went. A bit of a nightmare for a girl who had only just met with her first cycle I can tell you, and a bit of a nightmare for poor old Mrs. T, too.

But the thing is, periods are not something to be ashamed of. Menstruation gets a bit of a hard deal worldwide. For many women, menstruation means isolation, shame and discomfort; religious and cultural beliefs that are rooted in age-old tradition can create barriers around menstruating females that separate them from their rights as modern women.

We bleed, it’s natural. And as far as I am concerned, it’s your vagina, and your choice. No-one should make a woman feel embarrassed by a totally natural process in her body, so chat it out with your other half, try out some perfect sex tips and make the most of every day of the month.

Reap some Red Week benefits

We all know period week is no picnic. Headaches, cramps and irritable moods can push thoughts of intimate moments far from your muddled menstruating mind. But, somewhat ironically, engaging in some gentle foreplay, masturbation or playful period sex, can actually be a solution to a few period problems. Hormones have a lot to answer for, but for some of you lucky ladies, hormone changes during menstruation can give you a higher libido, making you friskier than at any other time of the month. Period flow offers you ready-to-go lubrication, so swap the cramp-induced-foetal-position for missionary and enjoy a few of these period sex benefits:

Heightened sensitivity. You may find that your vagina, and actually most of your delicate areas are extra-sensitive during your period. A slow, intense session could be mind-blowing.

Period cramp relief. The muscle spasms from having an orgasm can relieve period cramps, giving you not only a nice post-orgasmic glow, but also a break from your menstrual aches and pains. What more could you want? (Some women also find that orgasms can make their period shorter. How. Good. Is. That)

Feel-good hormones are released during sexual activity and they can banish your PMS symptoms. Those friendly hormones can counteract some of the negative pre-menstrual problems we battle with each month such as irritability, depression and anxiety. (I didn’t pick a fight with my other half for a full 12 hours). Feel re-energized by a surge of endorphins and get out there to tackle your day.

Tempted yet? Sex during periods doesn’t have to be a bloody ordeal, and it can offer you some pretty worthwhile body bonuses that will make you forget all about the paused download of Girls series 2 and make you feel relieved, empowered and damned desirable. Sex is messy, the best sex is very messy, so try out our five simple tips and embrace day 1-7 of your cycle. Your vagina will thank you, and you may just find he does too.