13 things the Ruby Cup team is gifting this year

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‘Because happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.’ 

― Ben Carson

It’s that time of the year again and the Ruby Cup Team is looking forward to cosy evenings spent with family and friends. But before we go off to enjoy the holidays, Jorien and Liese, our current marketing & communication interns, wanted to know which gifts the team will be giving this year.

If you’re still looking for gift ideas, we hope you'll find some inspiration here:

Time for yourself

Alla, B2B Sales Manager:

“My best friend's birthday is on the 25th of December. I don't want to give her something physical, I want to give her something like a memory, something she can do. She works a lot so a present what gives here time for herself is perfect, time for a massage!” 

24 days of quality time

Stephanie, Head of BtoB Sales:

“My Christmas present is a 24 special days advent calendar for me and my family. It's not a ‘normal’ advent calendar, it's a calendar that allows us to be together. There’s an assignment behind every door, like; telling stories to each other, drinking hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies. The calendar is about living special moments, and not about owning or having it.”

A book to help you figure everything out

Djanira, Head of Marketing and Communications:

“I would give ‘Everything is figureoutable’ from Marlie Forleo. It is an attitude that my parents live by and have passed on to me. But I didn't realise until Marie articulated it so well. Her book everything is figureoutable is truly inspirational, combining true stories, exercises and science to help you break anything down into manageable steps.”

Get to know your family history

Estela, Visual Designer:

“A while ago, I talked with my sister about a genetic ancestry test. This is a test that investigates the history of a family. We were both so curious about our family history, that I would think this is a perfect gift!”

Donate your time to those in need

Agustin, Finance and Accounting Manager:

“I would support organizations by donating food for vulnerable and homeless people. On this special time of the year, I would like to contribute to bring a little bit of joy and hope to those in need.”

Your smile can make someone's day

Alfred, Regional Program Manager - East Africa:

 “I think a smile, I mean that’s free and you can give it to anyone. Plus it makes people happy :)”

Something useful but surprising

Amaia, COO & Social Impact Director:

“Every year I have the same dilemma, what to give. When someone has mentioned something what they really want or need, I try to remember it. Although I also like to give something they don’t expect. For example; my sister in law is very stressed so she deserves a relaxing spa!”

Plant a tree and support local communities

Valentina, Customer Care and Community Manager:

“I think it's nice to buy presents from company’s who are eco-friendly, recycling and just waste as less as possible. In our country’s people have everything they need. When I buy a present I want to buy it from a company who does something good, like a social business as Ruby Cup. For example, I would choose to give a tree from Treedom. You can choose a tree, give it a name and follow the life of the tree if you login! And they are planting these trees with local communities. A very original present!”

Useful DIY gifts

Leanka, Senior Community Strategist and Social Content Manager:

“This year I’ll make most of the gifts myself. Handmade soaps and little plants in pots that I crocheted. I have lots of plants in my house and have been propagating them throughout the year in preparation to give them to my friends. I love the idea of giving small things that are actually useful.”

Start a hobby together

Julie, CEO:

“I'm planning to give my husband rollerblades. Because my friends and I just got them too, and they want him to be part of the roller gang too! And he’s pretty good at it, so that’s fun”

New clothes for kids

Vanessa, Ruby Cup Trainer:

“I will give my kids new clothes on Christmas. I feel they deserve to look very smart on that day”

Self-care for a better world

Jorien, Marketing & Communication Intern:

“I would give my best friend the book called ‘Self-care for the real world’ by Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips. I really love this book, it teaches you how to take good care of yourself and that it is not something arrogant. Because self-care makes you a happy person!”

An appreciated souvenir from Barcelona

Liese, Marketing & Communication Intern:

“Because I am in Spain this year, I am going to celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands. I would like to give my little nephew a gift from Spain. And I was thinking about an FC Barcelona shirt for him. He is 2 two years old and loves to play Football.”

Give 10 years of worry-free periods

If you’re still looking for a last-minute holiday gift that gives back, check out our gift card. It’s an instant download and will give the special person who receives it and another fellow woman, 10 years of worry-free periods. It’s a gift that lasts and a gift that gives back.

Did you get inspired? Tell us what you’re giving this year, we’d love to know.

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