Menstrual Cups Arrive in Kenya

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After a busy month of April and after we completed our #brainpower campaign on Indiegogo successfully (thanks to many wonderful Ruby Cup supporter, we went to Kenya to distribute the first batch of Ruby Cups to one of our partner organisations that is based in Kisumu, the Golden Girls Foundation (GGF).

It was a great and insightful trip. We learned about the work GGF is doing in terms of empowering girls and women in their community. The GGF has great experience and works with mentors. Every school that is part of our distribution project has at least one woman mentor who uses a Ruby Cup. She acts as a person that can be trusted and girls can ask her all the questions they want.

In Kisumu, we mainly work with secondary school girls and some girls who are already using Ruby Cups are now teaching the others how to use and how to take care of it.

Meeting with the deputy governor and next steps

Also, and possibly one of the best events of the trip was our meeting with the deputy governor of Kisumu, Mrs. Ruth Odinga, who is also sister of Raila Odinga, former Prime Minister of Kenya. She loves Ruby Cup and wants to support us in the future.

We will strive for the goal to provide all girls in Kisumu county with Ruby Cups and later on the entire country of Kenya. Too ambitious? At Ruby Cup, we love thinking big!

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