How to Survive a Festival on your Period

You’ve been waiting all year to see your favorite artists at this summer’s festival and you realize your period is due at that time. Being on your period at a festival can make things a bit more complicated, but here are a couple of tips on how to make your period-festival experience better.

Being on your period at a festival sucks.

Did you ever think about getting a prescription just to skip your period? But is that really healthy? Trust me, I’ve been there before and I’ve had all these things go through my mind. Will I have to pack extra clothes just in case of leaks?  I am going to have to carry my tampons around with me the whole day! Do they sell hygiene products on festival sites in case I run out? And how much? Will my tampon get wet if it rains? Will I start to smell if it gets too hot?

Basically, disposable products like pads and tampons are not cut out for a music festival. They cause unnecessary bulk in my luggage, very minimal protection against stains on my underwear, and they just aren’t sustainable.

All You Need is One

I don’t mean to sound dramatic but once I made the switch to menstrual cups, it was like the opening of a whole new period world of possibilities. How could I ever go back to pads and tampons? (okay just a little dramatic, but it’s the truth!)

Menstrual cups are just perfect for camping on your period and the outdoors, especially at festivals. Less bathroom breaks means more time to enjoy your favorite artists. Sleep in your tent through the night without waking up to change your pad or tampon every couple of hours! Ruby Cup only has to be changed once every 8 hours!

Don’t let your period ruin your cute outfits. Wear what you want without having to worry about strings and leaks. What’s more frustrating than having to organize your festival wardrobe around your period?! So go on and rock your favorite sun dress and dance all day in it too!

3 Reasons to pack Ruby Cup this Summer:


What’s great about menstrual cups is that they don’t cause odor. Let’s face it, you’re planning on having an amazing time at this summer’s festival and that means less frequent showers and a lot of time sweating under the sun. Summer heat and cotton based menstrual products are a bad mix. Ruby Cup is designed to collect only your flow! It won’t absorb the combination of menstrual blood and all the other stuff like tampons tend to do A LOT, especially in the summertime. This is because it keeps the outside air and your period blood separated. No smells leak out since the blood doesn’t come into contact with the outside until it is emptied.


If you’re on your period at a festival but are equipped with a menstrual cup, you can dance day and night at a festival without any care in the world. Ruby Cup is made of medical grade silicone that is flexible, so you won’t feel a thing when you are up and on the go. Lots of movement won’t irritate the walls of the vagina the way that tampons can. You don’t need to worry about any more painful chafing rash from maxi pads either.


Festivals can cause a lot of damage to the environment. They are notorious for their loads of waste and lack of recycling. A Greener Festival promotes ways that the festival goer can utilize sustainable practices at festivals. Using a menstrual cup is one way to be waste free at a festival. Remember, Burning Man is committed to zero waste at festivals and doesn’t have trash bins! Everything you take with you to the playa, you must take out. How is this even possible with disposable menstrual products like pads and tampons? When you go and empty your Ruby Cup, simply clean it with toilet paper and reinsert it. No used tampons or pads to take back home and you contribute positively to the environment and save on your wallet too.

How to Use Ruby Cup at a Festival:

  1. Bring hand sanitizer with you and apply it regularly especially when emptying your cup!
  2. Use sanitizing wipes to clean your cup when you empty it. You can also rinse the Ruby Cup with water straight from your water bottle.

So wherever you are headed to this summer, Ruby Cup is your practical solution on the go! It is perfect for festivals since you only need one. Save the planet, save on your budget, and save more room in your luggage! Don’t let your experience be limited because you’re on your period at a festival.