Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Buy One, Give One

Each time someone like you makes a purchase, we donate a Ruby Cup to a girl or woman without access to period care products.

We couldn’t believe it, when the message arrived that Ruby Cup was selected semi-finalist at the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Seattle. So happy to have been selected, we all tried to participate, which was made possible through generous support received from  Copenhagen Business School.

We had fun all the way through! As part of the programme, we visited the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and listened to Microsoft’s newest approach to innovation. The programme was packed and we learned a lot. The last evening, during a dinner at the Rotary Club in Seattle, the finalists were announced and Ruby Cup was selected Grand Prize winner. We were overwhelmed and incredibly happy.

Of course we had to celebrate this success. And what drink would be better suited than a pink coloured Cosmopolitan á la Ruby Cup?

Ruby Cup says cheers !