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In September, four comedians decided to perform as a collective at Zulu Comedy festival in Denmark. Tired of being treated differently than their male colleagues and getting less stage time, they put on a show to remember and among other things, talked about ...periods.

They called themselves “Female Features” and reached out to us, asking if they could donate the profits of their ticket sales. Their show enabled 19 Ruby Cups to go to young women struggling to afford safe period products. We decided to match their donation, bringing the total number of cups donated to 38.

Their performance received standing ovulations and our deepest gratitude.

We spoke to Rozarina to ask how they got the idea for their show and why they wanted to donate to Ruby Cup:

How did you get the idea for the show? Tell us about Female Features.

Clara, Isabel, Mette and I were frequently bumping into each other at open-mic nights in Copenhagen and we discovered that we all face the same challenges and discrimination.

The comedy world is dominated by (surprise, surprise) male comedians and we have a bit of a hard time getting time on stage individually.

It’s common that if one of us is already featured in a comedy show another lady comic will usually not be booked. In fact, our sketch started with anecdotes of how we would always be announced differently than our male peers.. e.g " now for our only female comics…” or “she is funny for a woman…”

Clara was the one who reached out to us and put together the idea of an all-female comics group to perform at Zulu Comedy.

Our mission is to show the world that women are funny. Period! We want to inspire other budding female comics everywhere.

What's your favourite section of the show?

Isabel is a songwriter (a really good one) and she wrote a song with four verses for each of us to sing at the end of our sketch. It’s about how we are objectified, about the unsolicited advice we receive after our show (by men) and how they find it gross when we joke about our vagina (dick jokes are, of course, funny and totally acceptable).

The chorus of the song goes:

"Funny women get on stage,

every colour, size or age,

Good girls and the naughty

Fix the sausage party

Half of the population, standing ovulation

Join the sisterhood, be funny, Period."

female features comedians

Why did you decide to donate the ticket sales to Ruby Cup?

I met Veronica, one of Ruby Cup’s Co-founders, in 2017 at a Female Investors event and was fascinated by the idea of the cup. Ever since hearing about the Ruby Cup, it’s the only thing I use and it has changed my life.

When I brought up the idea of donating our ticket sales to Ruby Cup, the others were immediately on board.

The stigma behind menstruation is still strong and we feel proud to support a company that creates awareness about this and also provides a sustainable product.

In India, women hide their menstruation and see themselves forced to take a long walk away from their house to dispose of their cotton pads discreetly by burying them. As for me, my own menstrual education is non-existent. The older women in my family were too embarrassed to tell me about it and instead retold frightening stories and urban legends about menses.

Fortunately, I went to an all-girls school (I was mocked nevertheless) but the embarrassment was less as everyone had periods. Reading the recent news on the teenage girl in Kenya who killed herself after being period-shamed by her teacher,  I can’t understand how, in 2019, is this still happening.

In 2016, at an open mic in Malmo, I made a joke about inserting tampons and smelling my fingers to make the point of how unluxurious this act is (I was not aware of cups at that point).

I wanted people to realize how absurd it is that many countries period products are still taxed as luxury items! I know since 2016, many countries have changed this which is great news but we still have a long way to go.

All of these are reasons for us to get behind Ruby Cup and support your ethos on promoting menstrual education and sustainability. Don't ask why we do it, ask us HOW can we do better.

Where can you find out about the next show?

We are planning winter shows around Denmark, Odense and Arhus. The best way is to follow and like our FB page @FemaleFeatures.

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