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09. Über unsere Produkte - Ruby Clean

How do I set the Microwave?

That depends a little on your microwave. Leave the Ruby Clean in the microwave until the water starts boiling. Don’t boil your Ruby Cup longer than 3 minutes. 

How do I use Ruby Clean?

Put your Ruby Cup inside Ruby Clean, fill with water until it’s about ¾ full and place it in the microwave. Make sure you do not close the lid completely as that will increase the pressure from the boiling water and can make it overflow.

Set the microwave time to approximately 3 minutes or enough time to bring the water to a boil and to leave it boiling for a few minutes. After boiling be careful as it can be hot. Grab it by the ears when you remove it from the microwave. Let the water cool down a bit before you empty it and take out Ruby Cup.

  • Ruby Clean can go in the dishwasher and you can bring it with you anywhere.
  • Please make sure Ruby Clean is completely dry before you store it away.
  • Capacity: 225ml
  • Heat resistant to 230°C
How to store the Ruby Clean?

Before you store your Ruby Clean, after using it, make sure it is completely dry. It is completely fine to let it simply air dry.

The dry Ruby Clean can be folded together and stored in any type of bag or cupboard, just make sure it is a dry place and doesn’t sit in direct sunlight for too long.

I have two or more Ruby Cups, can I boil them in the Ruby Clean at the same time?

No, unfortunately not, you would have to boil them one after the other to ensure both of them are disinfected and that you can handle them safely after the boiling process.

Will the Ruby Clean be hot after boiling?

Yes! Please make sure not to burn your hands. We recommend using mittens and waiting a few minutes before you handle the Ruby Clean after boiling.

Health & Hygiene

Can I get bacterial infections from using a Ruby Cup?

Always remember to wash your hands before insertion or removal of your menstrual cup. There is no evidence that menstrual cups increase the risk of bacterial infections but taking care to clean your hands and correctly rinse and sterilize your cup will reduce the chances.

Can I get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from using a Ruby Cup?

TSS is a serious and potentially fatal illness caused by toxin producing strains of staphylococcus aureus bacterium. It has been linked to the high absorbency and prolonged use of tampons. Although the occurrence is rare, we prefer to remain cautious and recommend the following to reduce your risk:

  • Do not use any internal vaginal devices if you have previously been diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Clean your Ruby Cup thoroughly before your first use
  • Remove and empty your Ruby Cup at least every 12 hours during your period
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after insertion and removal your Ruby Cup

Please note that symptoms of TSS often resemble flu symptoms and can include: Sudden high fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, fainting or rash like a sun burn during your period or shortly after. If you experience any of the above symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

For more info please check: http://www.toxicshock.com 

Can I have an allergic reaction to Ruby Cup?

No. Ruby Cup is made from a medical grade silicone which is hypo-allergenic, so you will not experience any allergic reactions.

Can I share my Ruby Cup?

No. Your Ruby Cup is for personal use only.

Can I use a Ruby Cup after I give birth?

Using internal sanitary protection for the first six weeks after giving birth is not recommended. This is because of the increased risk of infection that results from tiny wounds on the vaginal tissues. We would advise you to consult your doctor when you feel you may be ready to resume using your Ruby Cup after giving birth.

Can I use Ruby Cup if I have a retroverted/tipped uterus?

Many women who have a retroverted or tilted uterus use menstrual cups without any problems. Of course it always depends on how drastically your uterus is tilted, since every women body is different. But for many women a Ruby Cup fits just fine. Maybe you have to work a little with the angle while inserting it, so that it covers your cervix and sits right without leaking – but after a few tries (which any new menstrual cup-user has to face), you will definitely figure out how it should be positioned so it fits best for you.

Does Ruby Cup protect against STIs, HIV and pregnancy?

No. Ruby Cup is only for menstrual management and is not a form of birth control. It cannot protect against any sexually transmitted infections or HIV. You should remove your Ruby Cup before sexual intercourse, and always remember to use a condom.

I am a virgin, can I use Ruby Cup?

Physically, there is no reason why a virgin cannot use a cup. If your hymen (the thin membrane which partially covers the opening of your vagina) is still intact then using a Ruby Cup may not be as easy. When starting to use Ruby Cup as a virgin, it might be easier to start with our Ruby Cup Small.

Using a cup may stretch or tear the hymen. Your hymen can also be stretched or torn through sports such as riding a bike, and this is very normal. Some cultures and religions require an intact hymen before marriage, and may not agree with the use of a menstrual cup. If this is not an issue for you, your family or your religion, then using a Ruby Cup is no problem – just take time to find a comfortable way to insert.

Note: Using Ruby Cup when you are a virgin can affect your hymen but that does not mean that you will lose your virginity! You only lose your virginity after your first sexual intercourse – no matter whether your hymen was torn before.

I have a prolapse, can I still use a Ruby Cup?

A prolapse is when one or more of the pelvic organs have moved down and put pressure on the wall of the vagina, thus changing the vagina’s shape. This is caused by a weakness in the pelvic floor muscles that provide support within the pelvis. The severity of this condition varies and we advise women with a prolapse to discuss using Ruby Cup with their Gynaecologist or Doctor.

I have an IUD/coil, can I use Ruby Cup?

There is a small risk that your IUD can be affected or moved out of position when removing Ruby Cup. But for most women the use of the Ruby Cup while having an IUD has not caused any problems. Still, we advise you to consult your doctor before use.

Try these top tips for using a Ruby Cup if you have an IUD fitted:

Position. Ruby Cup is designed to sit low in the vagina, and if placed correctly will not disturb your IUD strings. Get to know where your strings are and become familiar with where you need to place your cup.

Release the seal. Your Ruby Cup will create a suction seal when inside your vagina – to prevent leaks. Before removing your cup take care to pinch the walls of your cup together to release the suction.

Visit your doctor. If you have any concerns, if you have a low cervix, or feel that your IUD has moved position then visit your doctor or gynaecologist for a health check before using a menstrual cup.

Is Ruby Cup healthy and hygienic?

Yes. Ruby Cup is made from top quality, Medical Grade Silicone, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Ruby Cup is also non-absorbent, and collects menstrual blood meaning that it does not disrupt your vagina’s natural bacteria balance. The vagina is self-cleansing and continually produces natural lubricants that “flush” the vagina. Tampons absorb this protective fluid and can disrupt the normal vaginal environment.  Tampons and pads contain chemicals, and are made with bleach so they can appear white and hygienic – in fact these chemicals are not good for your body, and not hygienic.

Check our page Why Ruby Cup is Healthy & Hygienic to find out more.

My Ruby Cup fell into the toilet! What to do?

That depends on a few things, like was it a public toilet or your private toilet at home, did you flush or do business A or B beforehand?

Generally it should be OK to wash the cup thoroughly and sterilize it before you insert it again. However, we can’t know for sure that you will not have problems, as the circumstances can be so divers and if you are not comfortable using your Ruby Cup anymore, we suggest that you purchase a new one.

Will there be any bad odour or smell?

No, there is no smell from using Ruby Cup. Menstrual flow only begins to smell when it begins to oxidize from being exposed to air – as with sanitary pads. When using the cup, the menstrual flow is not exposed to air so you don’t have to worry about emitting an odour.

Will using a Ruby Cup give me thrush?

No. Ruby Cup does not absorb or interfere with the natural pH of your vagina. Thrush is caused by Candida, a yeast fungus and can occur when the natural balance of your vagina is disturbed. Tampons absorb protective secretions that prevent thrush, menstrual cups do not. Avoid using perfumed soaps to clean your cup and when washing your delicate vaginal area as this can also disturb your pH balance.

How to Use

Can I use soap to wash my Ruby Cup?

Some soaps contain perfumes which can cause irritation to your vagina and cause an imbalance to your natural pH, if you want to wash with soap, make sure it is an fragrance-free, mild soap.

Can I wash my Ruby Cup in the dishwasher?

No. The cleaning detergents used in dishwashers are too harsh, and may cause irritation to your vagina. Boiling for five minutes in water is best.

How do I clean my Ruby Cup at the end of my period?

At the end of every period, your Ruby Cup should be boiled for five minutes to sterilize. This way you can be sure that it’s clean for your next period. Ruby Clean is great for cleaning between periods – put your cup inside the Ruby Clean with water and boil in the microwave.

Microwave: boil for 5 minutes at 1000 Watts

After boiling, wait until your cup is cool, dry thoroughly and store in your Ruby bag.

When boiling your Ruby Cup, make sure you don’t overboil it (no more than 15 minutes), otherwise the silicone will lose some of its bounciness and not open up so easily anymore when inserted, hence leading to potential troubles with leaking.

Have a look at Cleaning and Storing Your Menstrual Cup for some cleaning tips.

How do I clean my Ruby Cup between removal and insertion?

Always start with clean hands. After removing and emptying your cup, rinse with warm water before inserting again. If no water is available, then simply wipe your cup with tissue and reinsert.

Check out Cleaning and Storing Your Menstrual Cup for simple cleaning advice.

How do I insert Ruby Cup?
  • Wash your hands
  • Fold the cup between your thumb and forefinger- many women find that folding in a C shape is easiest
  • Like with a tampon, gently push the folded cup inside your vagina. It will sit a bit lower than a tampon, but will be fully inside your body
  • Allow the cup to open inside your vagina, and ensure that it is fully unfolded by running your finger around the outside edge. It will create a suction which will stop any leaks!

Have a look at our section How To Use A Menstrual Cup for an easy to use step-by-step guide.

How do I know if my cup is inserted correctly?

When your cup is correctly inserted, you will not be able to feel it, and there will be no discomfort. Use your finger to push your cup higher or lower until it sits comfortably. Many women find that twisting their cup helps it to sit in the correct place, and that with a little time the silicone material softens with your body heat.

How do I know when my Ruby Cup is full?

Ruby Cup should be emptied every 4 to 12 hours, depending on your menstrual flow. With a heavy flow, you will have to empty Ruby Cup more frequently than with a light flow. In the beginning it is advisable to empty your Ruby Cup more often – every 4-6 hours, until you get to know how heavy your flow is. If your cup is not full, you can leave it for longer next time.

How do I remove my Ruby Cup?
  • Wash your hands
  • Grab the stem of your cup and use your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles you use to start and stop peeing) to gently push Ruby Cup downwards until you can reach the base of the cup with your fingers
  • Squeeze the sides of the cup together to release the suction seal, and gently remove your  up, holding base of Ruby Cup between your fingers.

Have a look at How To Use a Menstrual Cup for an easy to use guide.

How do I start to use a menstrual cup?

Starting to use a menstrual cup is easier than you think, insertion is similar to inserting a tampon. Like with anything new, give yourself time to get used to the new product and choose a relaxing setting to practice insertion and removal until you find the most comfortable way. It may take a few times to get it right, and you might even want to practice when you are not on your period.

Check out our Getting Started With a Menstrual Cup guide to see the top ways to make the change from tampons to cups, and simple steps to start using a Ruby Cup.

How do I store my Ruby Cup between periods?

Between periods you store your Ruby Cup in the included Cotton Bag. The cotton material ensures a breathable environment for the cup, so any moist on the cup can vaporize.

You should not store your Ruby Cup in an airtight container or the Ruby Clean.

How long can I leave Ruby Cup inside me?

Ruby Cup should be emptied at least every 12 hours. This will depend on how heavy your flow is – it may take a couple of cycles to get to know how often you need to empty your cup.

I find it hard to remove my Ruby Cup, what should I do?

If your cup is difficult to remove, relax and take your time, don’t worry! Staying relaxed will help your muscles to ease and your cup will be easier to remove.

Try sitting in a squatting position, and use your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that you use to stop and start peeing) to gently push the cup downwards. When the stem is low enough to reach, pull down until you can reach the walls of the cup, and squeeze them together to release the suction. If the suction seal is hard to break, use your finger between the cup and your vagina to release, and remove.

I struggle to use my Ruby Cup, what can I do?

Using a menstrual cup can take a bit of patience and practice. Take your time to try different insertion and removal techniques until you find one that suits your body. Choose a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed, and practice with your cup. Try wetting your cup with water to help with smooth insertion.

Is it messy to use?

No. You will be pleasantly surprised about how clean it really is. Ruby Cup fits inside your vagina, so no leaks, and no dampness. Cups collect your flow, so most of the blood is inside your cup and can be emptied into the toilet.

Is it possible for Ruby Cup to get lost inside me?

No. It is not possible for Ruby Cup to be lost inside your vagina, this is due to the shape and size of your anatomy. Read why it is not possible here. If you feel that your cup has moved higher in your vagina, or you cannot reach it, then stay relaxed and gently use your pelvic floor muscles to push down. These are the muscles that you use when you start and stop peeing, they will help the cup to move downwards. Remember, it will not get lost, stay relaxed, and don’t worry. When you can reach the stem you can pull it down with your fingers, then press the walls to release the suction. Then gently pull out and empty. More about how to use Ruby Cup here.

Should I cut the stem?

Some women do find that the stem protrudes out the opening of their vagina. This can be due to the fact that their cervix sits low, or their vaginal length is short – and this is very common. The stem of your cup should not be outside your vagina as it can be uncomfortable and cause some irritation to your labia throughout the day. If the stem is too long, you can trim it until you find a comfortable fit. Cut a small amount at a time until it is the right size.

What are the folding methods?

There are different ways of folding Ruby Cup before insertion. Try them and find out which one is easiest for you.



  1. Squeeze the sides of the cup together
  2. Fold the cup in half to make a C shape

Punch Down


  1. Push down the rim of the cup with your finger
  2. Squeeze the sides of the cup together
  3. Hold the base of the cup to insert


Where do I place my Ruby Cup?

Ruby Cup should sit as low in your vagina as is possible and comfortable – lower than a tampon. The most suitable angle will differ between women, you may need to try a few different positions to find the right one for your body. It is okay if the cup fits a bit higher in your vagina, this may be because of the position of your cervix- all vaginas are different. The stem at the bottom of the cup will help you to adjust, use it to gently push the cup higher or lower. If the stem is causing discomfort, or sticking out of your vagina, you can trim it to size – have a look at our FAQ ‘Should I trim the stem?’ to find out more.

Have a look at our How to Use a Menstrual Cup for a super easy guide to inserting and removing your cup.

Will I feel Ruby Cup inside me?

No. If your Ruby Cup is inserted correctly you will not be able to feel it. Gently use your finger to move the cup into a position that feels comfortable for you, or take your time to practice different insertion and removal techniques.

Will Ruby Cup leak?

If your Ruby Cup is inserted correctly then you will have no leaks or spotting. Leakages usually happen if you cup is not sealed fully inside your vagina. Use your finger to check the rim of the cup to make sure it is fully unfolded.

Have a look at our page How to Use a Menstrual Cup to find out more about correct insertion.


Can I do sports and stay active when wearing Ruby Cup?

Yes! Ruby Cup is a great menstrual product for women with active lifestyles. They have a higher capacity, so they can hold more flow meaning less bathroom visits. They are comfortable and leak-free, and are also worn internally so are totally discreet. You don’t even need to worry about carrying extra disposable products with you!

Check out our page Using on the Move for some Ruby Cup tips when you are out and about.

Can I do yoga while wearing Ruby Cup? (or other activities that involve going upside down or raising the pelvis above the body?)

There is an ongoing debate that discusses whether or not it is safe and appropriate for women to perform any inverted postures during menstruation. With regards to yoga, many people say that inverted position such as shoulder stands, alleviate menstrual cramps and other symptoms while other say there is a potential for back flow (retrograde flow). This is still a theory, and has not yet been proven by credible research. In addition, most of the concerns people have are about staying in inverted postures for a long period of time. Ultimately, this is a personal decision and depends on your own opinion.

We have put together some simple, gentle yoga poses to ease menstrual cramps, check them here.

Can I go swimming when wearing Ruby Cup?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to go swimming while wearing a Ruby Cup. Menstrual cups are worn internally, with no strings attached, so no worries about visible strings or wings under your bathing suit.

Can I use a Ruby Cup in public toilets?

Of course! You can use your menstrual cup wherever you are. Always start by washing your hands, remove and empty the contents of your cup over the toilet as usual. Some women take a small container or bottle of water into the toilet to rinse the cup with, but alternatively you can wipe your cup with toilet tissue before reinserting.

Check out Using on the Move for more information about using your cup when you are out and about.

Can I wear a Ruby Cup when I am sleeping?

Yes. Your Ruby Cup has a high capacity and can hold more flow than a tampon or a pad, so is great for overnight use. You can wear your cup for up to 12 hours, giving you a full night of undisturbed sleep. If you have just started using a cup, you may want to empty it more regularly until you know how heavy your flow is and how quickly your cup fills up.

Can I wear a Ruby Cup when I have sex?

No, Ruby Cup should be removed before sexual intercourse, and cannot be used as a method of contraception.

However, some women have found that Ruby Cup can help them orgasm through clitoral stimulation or masturbation. Check out our blog post Take Ruby To Bed, to find out some rather surprising Ruby Cup secrets.

How do I know when I will get my period?

Your period will usually come every 28 days or so. You can use our easy Period Calculator to help you record each period so you know where you are in your cycle, and when to expect your next period.

Is Ruby Cup convenient for travelling?

Yes! Ruby Cup is great for travelling because you don’t have to pack pads or tampons, saving you space for packing. Cups are reusable so you will never run out. There is also no waste to deal with if you’re out in the woods hiking or camping. Ruby Cup is comfortable to wear, so you won’t feel anything even when you are on the move.

Check our section Using on the Move to find out more.

What type of lubricant can I use for Ruby Cup and Ruby Kegel?

There are different options for lubricants to use for Ruby Cup and also Ruby Kegel.

Medical grade silicone does not get affected/altered in any way by silicone lubes given that they are lubes made of 100% silicone with no additives etc.

Any water based lubricants with natural ingredients are OK to use too.

As a more natural option you can use a little bit of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as a lubricant.

The most natural option however would be to use just a little bit of saliva, though it might not be everyones favourite option :)

What’s the best solution to disinfect my Ruby Cup while traveling?

Depending on where you are going and where you are staying, most well equipped hostels, guest houses, hotels and Couchsurfer hosts have microwaves, so you could disinfect your cup in the Ruby Clean.

If you are hiking and camping mostly, it is worth thinking of taking a little extra pan for your cup. It doesn’t need to be a big pot of course! If you get your hands on a kettle, you can use that and place your cup in a glass or the Ruby Clean and let boiling kettle water run over it a few times.

Another option is that you use sterilizing tablets, such as Milton sterilizing tablets.

We do not recommend to use plain alcohol to disinfect it as it might be too strong on the material. In case you go for it, make sure you rinse your Ruby Cup thoroughly before you insert it.

Please make sure that wherever you go your hands are clean before inserting or taking out your Ruby Cup!

Period Problems

Can I use a Ruby Cup during menopause?

During menopause, your periods may become heavier or lighter, or become irregular. Ruby Cup has a higher capacity than disposable products, so can manage a heavy flow with ease – less bathroom visits and no leaks. Because menstrual cups collect your flow instead of absorbing, you can wear a cup during a light flow, or when you are spotting with no risk of irritation or dryness. Ruby Cup is great because it eliminates the need for buying a variety of other disposable products, and gives you the freedom to enjoy a varied lifestyle without menstrual worries.

Can Ruby Cup alleviate period pains?

For some girls and women it does! Many women report that using Ruby Cup has helped to alleviate some of their pain. This may be because Ruby Cup prevents the vaginal walls from contracting, or because using a menstrual cup strengthens your pelvic floor muscles.

Check out our page on How to Beat Menstrual Cramps to find out some practical period pain solutions!

How do I talk to my Mum or Dad about using a Ruby Cup?

Some girls told us that they feel a little ashamed to ask their parents about Ruby Cup. While your mom may not have tried Ruby Cup, she may have heard of them. We recommend that you tell her you discovered Ruby Cup by a friend or online and are interested in giving it a try. You might want to tell her what your reasons are for thinking about making a switch. For most girls & women, it is because they want a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads.

Once you’ve told her about Ruby Cup and why you want to use them, ask her if she’d feel comfortable allowing you to try one, or if she wants to do some more research herself before making a decision. Your mum or dad can contact us any time if they have further questions.

I have a heavy period, can I use Ruby Cup?

Yes. Ruby Cup is a great hygiene product to use for a heavy flow, as it has a much higher capacity than tampons or pads, and can hold more menstrual flow. This means less bathroom trips! We recommend to use the Ruby Cup Medium when having a heavy flow or during heavy days. See the measurements below.

Ruby Cup Small Ruby

For lighter to medium periods

Diameter Capacity
to the Rim
to the holes
46 mm 19 mm 65 mm 40 mm 24 ml 19 ml

Ruby Cup Medium RubyRuby

For medium to heavy periods

Diameter Capacity to
the Rim
Capacity to
the holes
51 mm 17 mm 68 mm 45 mm 34 ml 24 ml







Have a look at our page Heavy Periods- How To Manage for some great solutions and for tips that help you alleviate your pain. But do visit a doctor if your heavy period starts to interfere with your lifestyle.

I sometimes pass clots in my period blood, can I use a Ruby Cup?

Yes. In fact, Ruby Cup is a great menstrual solution for passing clots in your period as it collects your flow and any clots that you pass naturally.

Check out our page How to Manage Period Blood Clots – for more information about the causes and simple solutions.

My period is very light, can I still use Ruby Cup?

Yes. Ruby Cup collects your menstrual flow, instead of absorbing, so you will experience no dryness or irritation. Tampons can often cause irritation if your flow is light, as they absorb all of your natural lubrication.

Ruby Cup is made from a healthy, hygienic material, so you can wear it at any time during the month, no matter how light your flow is – and you will not experience any discomfort.



Colors and Dyes: How Is Ruby Cup Colored?

Ruby Cup is available in Classic (not colored), but also in a range of colors. Ruby Cup does not contain any chemicals or dyes. Medical Grade SLR based colour is used for colouring of the cup. Ruby Cup in Classic and Colors is made from silicone, tested and approved according to standard: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.


Does Ruby Cup hold more than a tampon or a pad?

Yes. Some menstrual cups have a larger capacity than tampons and pads, and can hold up to three times more menstrual flow. Ruby Cup Medium Size can hold 34 ml, which is more than ‘Super’ or ‘Extra’ tampons and pads for heavy flow. That means you can get a full nights sleep, with no interruptions! See exact Measurements of Ruby Cup Small and Medium below.

How do I clean the cotton bag?

Every once in a while it’s nice to clean your cotton bag where you store your Ruby Cup while you don’t have your period. You can easily do this by putting it in the washing machine. Make sure to not wash it hotter than 30° or else it will shrink.

How long does a Ruby Cup last?

Medical Grade Silicone has an indefinite lifespan. If you treat your Ruby Cup well, it can last you 10 years.

Is Ruby Cup FDA approved?

Ruby Cup is currently not registered with the FDA. However, Ruby Cup is produced in strict accordance with ROHS regulations and has passed SGS quality control.

Ruby Cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone and the material reaches FDA and LFGB standards.

Is silicone safe?

Yes. Ruby Cup is made from medical grade silicone which is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and very safe!

Some producers recommend replacing my cup every year, can I use my Ruby Cup for longer?

Yes! The Ruby Cup is made of 100% Medical grade silicone, usable for up to 10 years.

What are the measuring marks for?

The measuring marks can help you to see your menstrual flow and know how much you bleed during your period. This can help you to spot any period problems such as heavy bleeding or clots, and will also help you to recognise any health issues.

What are the Ruby Cup measurements?

Ruby Cup comes in the sizes Small and Medium. We recommend the small cup for light periods and the medium cup when having a heavy flow. The exact measurements are below.

Ruby Cup Small Ruby

For lighter to medium periods

Diameter Capacity
to the Rim
to the holes
46 mm 19 mm 65 mm 40 mm 24 ml 19 ml

Ruby Cup Medium RubyRuby

For medium to heavy periods

Diameter Capacity to
the Rim
Capacity to
the holes
51 mm 17 mm 68 mm 45 mm 34 ml 24 ml



What does the white residue on the cup mean after sterilizing?

The white residue you might find on your cup, after you boiled it for 5 minutes, is due to hard water in your region. It is harmless and if you like you can just wash it off before you insert the cup.

What is Ruby Cup made from?

Ruby Cup is made of 100% FDA approved medical grade silicone.

What sizes does Ruby Cup come in?

Ruby Cup Classic comes in the sizes Small and Medium. Choose Small when you have a light flow and Medium when you have a medium to heavy flow. Here are the Ruby Cup measurements.

Ruby Cup Small Ruby

For lighter to medium periods

Diameter Capacity
to the Rim
to the holes
46 mm 19 mm 65 mm 40 mm 24 ml 19 ml

Ruby Cup Medium RubyRuby

For medium to heavy periods

Diameter Capacity to
the Rim
Capacity to
the holes
51 mm 17 mm 68 mm 45 mm 34 ml 24 ml


Will my Ruby Cup become discoloured or stained after use?

Some women have found that their cup becomes a little stained after a number of uses, but it seems that the discolouration is related to the hormones and the unique natural chemical balance of each woman’s vaginal fluids – some women notice staining and others don’t. Some Ruby Cup users have even found that it is related to the Contraceptive Pill and a change in hormonal levels. Don’t worry if your cup becomes a little discoloured. Washing with lemon juice can sometimes help!

Ruby Cup Production

Tell me about Ruby Cup Production

Ruby Cup is excited to present our great production partners in China that produce high standard silicone, serving US and EU markets. The material is FDA, SGS or ROHS certified, and meets EU standards.

Exciting changes have taken place for our supplier recently, as they have moved location in order to expand and upgrade production volume. New tool workshops have been established, and education and training are ongoing to ensure technicians maintain excellent standards. Our supplier has very high knowledge and expertise within silicone tooling and production, due to many years of cooperation with EU companies. Check out our supplier in his new office:

Quality assurance is done by a company specialized in silicone materials founded and managed by Danish directors. Assurance includes adhering to product specifications, ensuring that the raw silicone material is medical grade, approved and passes all SGS inspections.

Introducing the Ruby Cup supplier and our production partner.
Our production partner proudly presents Ruby Cup

Sometimes, customers ask us about our production site. Since we are an ethical company, high labour and environmental standards are the core of our business.

Ruby Cup production is very capital intensive and the company is run by three very nice guys who are all engineers and experts in the field of injection molding and medical grade silicone.

China can have a bad reputation in terms of labour, environmental, and quality standards. However, just like anywhere, in China you can have both “good” and “bad” producers. After our extensive research and trials, receiving samples from different producers from all over the world, we chose this supplier because he meets the highest quality standards.

We are very very grateful to have found such reliable and good production partner. That way, we can make sure that the very best quality menstrual products make their way to you, our wonderful customers!



Ruby Kegel

Does the Ruby Kegel Trainer come with the exercise program inside?

It does not but you can find some ideas here.

How does Ruby Kegel contribute to easier childbirth?

Strong pelvic floor muscles help support the extra weight during pregnancy and help heal the perineum and pelvic organs after labour.

How far in the pregnancy can I start doing the exercises and when during pregnancy should I stop?

This would really depend on the person and the pregnancy and you should discuss it with your doctor.

How soon after giving birth can you use Ruby Kegel?

Once again, it really depends on the person, the labour (vaginal, C-section, single baby, twins etc). We advise that you discuss this with your doctor.

Ruby Cup can last for ten years, how long does Ruby Kegel Trainer last for?

Well looked after, it would last as long as Ruby Cup can.

What is the benefit of using this over doing kegel exercises without it?

Many women find it easier to locate and exercise their pelvic floor muscles when using the Ruby Kegel exerciser. It is also helpful for more intense exercise routines.

Julie Weigaard Kjaer

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