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Habits can be hard to break, but when it is in favour of your health and happiness, it is worth making a change. Women across the globe are already using menstrual cups, and would never go back to pads or tampons. Just like you, they were unsure at first. Have a look at what our Ruby Cup supporters, first timers and company Co-founder have to say about using menstrual cups for the first time, and find out just how easy cups are to use.

Unsure? Curious? We were, too.

First impressions aren’t always right! It’s normal to be unsure. We know that cups can look surprising and strange. Some people think they look “so big” others find them “so small”, others even think they are unhygienic. But many women have overcome their initial worries and found that menstrual cups are the most hygienic and healthy option available for them. Check out our Recommendations for stories from Ruby Cup users.

“I am using Ruby Cup now for the first time and I love it!"

Menstrual cups adapt to your lifestyle, and thousands of women just like you have already switched. Cups are great for a busy life, and they can easily be used in public bathrooms or when travelling and on the go. Have a look at Using On The Move to see just how handy cups are. Using a menstrual cup is very similar to using tampons, but better for your body, the planet and your wallet. Check out Ruby Cup Benefits, to read all about it. It might be easier to make the switch starting with a smaller sized cup. Read more about dimensions and which size of Ruby Cup to choose.

Ruby Cup Co-Founder Maxie shares her very first thoughts about menstrual cups. (At first she was unsure too!) 

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Made the change? Ready to switch? Have a look at our additional information that will help you with insertion, cleaning and any period problems or concerns you may have:

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